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My Two Cents


This, my friends, is why I have not gotten involved in any social media wars about the upcoming train wreck we are calling a Presidential election in this country.


I see in my social media feed many who are one issue voters, find “The Biblical Argument for ________” candidate, and generally speaking, people who have their minds made up and have an ax to grind against political party a or b.

Frankly, I’m very discouraged.  I don’t want Hillary Clinton – not because I think she’s the devil, but for the very same reason I believe to be behind the inaction and stagnancy in Washington now.  The Republicans seem to oppose anything remotely envisioned by the Democrats.  It doesn’t seem to matter if it’s good for our country or not.  Yes, we have a two party system so that the views of all the people are represented, but surely there have to causes and issues that are bipartisan in nature.

I loathe the very idea of Donald Trump as president.  He is not good for our country.  This can be seen in the very visceral divide between his staunch supporters and anyone who disagrees.

Because of where I live most of the people I know back the Republican platform, even if they don’t like Trump himself, and will be voting that direction.

Yesterday, one of my social media acquaintances expressed that he would feel the election is rigged if Donald Trump doesn’t win because nobody he knows is voting for Hillary Clinton.  As if all the people he knows represents the entire population.

Honestly, here, people are a little afraid to say they’re voting for the Democratic nominee because of the backlash, the barrage of insults, the fearmongering, and the belittling simply because one party has a different vision for our country than the other.

When there have been back and forth…em…debates?..about who should be president it turns ugly quickly.  Nobody is listening, they’re only formulating responses, insulting each other, and there is seemingly no common ground. I’m hoping that there is a silent majority out there who isn’t towing some party line, who just wants what’s best for the country, and who doesn’t really give two damns whether an idea is Republican or Democrat, only that it’s good.

I wish our country had better to offer than the two leading candidates.  I even considered third party candidates.  It’s hard to take someone seriously if they don’t even know who the leader of North Korea is.  It’s one thing to be Libertarian and believe that the U.S. shouldn’t be intervening in international conflict as much as we do or that we shouldn’t be trying to topple leaders and overturn regimes, but it’s inexcusable not to know anything about what’s going on in the world.  Even if your foreign policy is one of minding our own business we’ve got to know how the hell to make that happen since we’re already involved.

I’m looking down ballot.  The president can only do so much through executive order, so regardless which candidate is elected, unless we can get past the bipartisan bickering and actually come to some kind of compromise we’ll go another, at lease four, and more likely eight years of this same divisive rhetoric we’ve had over the last several years.

It’s disheartening to say the least. Maybe Victoria was right.  Maybe we are going down the crapper.  Too bad shit floats. When the nuclear fallout settles we’ll have nothing left but cockroaches.


19 thoughts on “My Two Cents

  1. Ruth, I think you have expressed the views of many Americans including me. I can’t even watch a whole news show anymore. I’m sick of it.

    Speaking of social media, I have friends and relatives on both sides of this election and they both are posting things on Facebook without ever verifying them because it’s what they believe and they don’t want to know the truth. Sound familiar ? I see that a lot in debates about religion.

    The pendulum will always swing to the left then to the right. I guess all we can do is to enjoy that short moment when it is in the middle. 🙂

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    • TheBrit and I swore off any news last weekend. It was such a nice weekend. I think about 6:00 Sunday afternoon he flipped it to a news channel to see what we missed. It was like watching a soap opera(my granny called them “the stories”). After about ten minutes we’d caught back up and realized we hadn’t missed a thing. Then we flipped it back over to TVLand. 😀

      Ugh! I’ll be so glad when this election is over. Maybe I can forget some of the garbage I’ve seen from my friends on social media and go back to believing they’re the intelligent people I thought they were before. :mrgreen:


  2. I mostly agree with your post.

    I don’t particularly like Hillary. I wish there were a better choice. However, I strongly prefer her to the Republican alternative.

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  3. I loved your line about the person who thinks “everyone he knows” represents the entire country. That thinking is so typical of so many.

    You’re correct that the president can only do so much on his/her own, but what concerns me (beyond the fact tRump is the candidate) is the very essence of what the Repugs stand for. If he (gawd forbid) should get elected … and the congress majority remains Republican … and the new Supreme Court Justice is a conservative … I dread to think what could happen. (One major example is Roe vs. Wade.)

    I think many of us echo your statement: “I wish our country had better to offer than the two leading candidates.”

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    • I was very surprised by CNN’s reporting that Georgia was neck and neck, I must admit. I’ve not heard many people say they’re voting for Clinton, but then again, it’s likely for the same reasons I’m rather quiet. The scorn poured out by the Trumpalumpas is severe. The “scorched earth” campaign has spread to individuals. It’s rather disappointing to watch.

      I agree about the difference between the platforms. I think at this point people need to stop looking at the candidates for their winning personalities and choose a platform.

      This opinion piece was brought to my attention yesterday:

      Six Reasons Conservatives Should Not Vote for Donald Trump

      He makes a pretty clear and concise case for the reasons not to vote Trump, not the least of which is Trump’s complete disregard of the very Constitution he’s conning his supporters into thinking he upholds. It’s so weird to me that they can’t hear what he’s actually saying.

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  4. I think a lot of people think the way you do on this, Ruth. Personally, I’d vote Stein. I think she’s the vest candidate.


    • She’s polling under 2%. I wish I thought a third party candidate even stood a chance. Until term limits, campaign finance reform, and lobbyist reform have been addressed they won’t. They’ll never have the money to compete.

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  5. Don’t worry, it’s not going to be so bad. I don’t think voting for Stein or anyone else will stop the American obsession with other people’s affairs.

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  6. I don’t envy you at all Ruth.

    I am thankful I don’t get a say in the up coming election, but I am a little perturbed by what I see. I am also slightly distressed at the number of Christians who back Trump. That’s not to say that Hilary is necessarily more ‘Christian’, it’s that the I see the Christian’s motive for going Trump as highly suspect. The abortion argument seems to be the most popular one from my perspective.

    It is not a little reminiscence of the recent Brexit vote here in limeyland. That was traumatic for very similar reasons, the spread of lies and too much of how the other side is bad and not enough of the positives that a vote for X would bring.

    From the outsiders perspective, it does appear to me that the political cogs in the US are greased by the pressure groups and those with the biggest clout get to drive the country. This doesn’t seem right and has removed the power from the voters. Add in a pinch of bipartisanship and you have an undrinkable cocktail. We’re not a lot better over here to be honest so I’m definitely not preaching from a superior standpoint.

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  7. “The abortion argument seems to be the most popular one from my perspective.”

    Well, that’s what they’d like for you to believe, anyway. Personally, I see greed driving the entire thing. People who are not poor by any stretch of the imagination have been made to think they are poor and it’s because of those dirty poor people, immigrants, and single mothers who are draining the economy and taking the middle class’ shot at the American Dream. All the while the rich get richer. Tell me again who it is that is pilfering the coffers?


  8. Stein is and has been my ProCon.org candidate since the website had ALL of the Presidential Candidates answers up, which was back in the summer I believe. Checked it again last week and it remains Stein, but you are exactly right about a third party Ruth… for the moment or foreseeable future. Big money has way WAY TOO MUCH “bling” in/on our legislation and politicians now since 2010 and the Citizens United victory in the Supreme Court. It is utterly mind-boggling how For-Profit corporate oligarchies managed to distort the First Amendment of the Constitution (in 1978) and then further distort it in 2010.

    It is glaringly obvious the path this country is taking when the economic and social divide of inequality increasingly widens — centuries and millenia of history shows that what soon follows is violent revolution/rebellion, both organized and sporatic. 😦 Yet, maybe rebellions (armed or unarmed?) are not such a bad thing in human affairs of legislative NON-representation…

    Even this evil is productive of good. It prevents the degeneracy of government, and nourishes a general attention to the public affairs. I hold it that a little rebellion now and then is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical.— Thomas Jefferson, Paris, 1787

    However, unlike Jefferson, I would like to think that we have evolved intellectually, collaboratively, and more selflessly (empathically) for all our fellow citizens betterment regardless of color, creed, or “faith” to where DEATH and armed violence is NOT necessary for civil change! Or am I way too optimistic Ruth? 😮


    • I’m not Ruth 🙂 … but yes, I think you’re being way too optimistic. In particular, I think there are a segment of tRump supporters that WILL use violence to achieve their goals. He’s egged them on towards this action and one of these days, I fear one of them is going to do “what’s necessary” to bring about what they believe is a balance of the power. I hope not, but let’s just say, I wouldn’t be surprised.

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      • Nan, I’m actually in total agreement with you — I was being somewhat facetious & rhetorical — and as far as the armed violence… I too would not be very surprised. Armed violence is simply a reflection of a “group’s” inability to be intellectual enough to make change happen with the LEAST amount (or none at all) of violence along the lines of Mohandas Gandhi’s methods. But I suspect too many feel HIS techniques were too passive and too weak. 😦

        Can you tell I’m not at all a fan of hyper-testosterone? 😉 LOL

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