Out From Under the Umbrella

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Along Came a Spider

I’m…well, I don’t like spiders.  I just don’t.  No spider has ever done anything to harm me.  But that doesn’t keep me from being afraid of them.  In fact, most spiders are harmless, mostly beneficial, and totally cool to watch – from a distance.  They’re amazing creatures.

That being said, while a spider may not hurt me they will surely make me hurt myself!  When The Brit and I were looking at this house he found a big, furry, brown one and picked it up.  He looked at it a while and when we were ready to leave I told him to get rid of the thing.  He thought he did.

When we got in the car he felt something on his leg and brushed it away.  The big, furry, brown spider.  He said he thought it went into my purse pocketbook handbag. I thought he was pulling my leg.

A few days later I was driving along, The Brit in the passenger’s seat, just gabbing away about something.  He said, very sweetly, “Pay attention to where you’re going. Keep your eyes on the road.”  I kept looking forward and he lovingly rubbed my shoulder.  He slowly pulled his hand back, opened the window, and put his hand out.  Then he says, “Remember that spider I brushed off in here.  I just took him off your shoulder and put him out the window.”

It’s a good thing he saw the spider and I did not.  I would have wrecked and killed us both!  Then it occurred to me that I had been driving around with that thing in the car with me.  For days.  *shudder*

So we’ve now purchased the house.  We’ve been living here for a little over a year.  The other day we were walking around outside talking over a few plans for the garden, mostly daydreaming, when The Brit pointed to the sliding glass door we never use and said, “What the hell?”

This is what the hell:

DSCF1400DSCF1394What the hell, indeed!  This thing is huge!  And it’s also deposited these:

DSCF1398Anybody want to buy a house?  I think I’m ready to move.  Seriously, can anyone identify it?  Did anyone lose a pet?