Out From Under the Umbrella

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Meme Machine


I’m not generally a huge fan of memes because they tend to be very simplistic about very complex matters.  This one, though.  This one struck a chord.

I keep hearing the same refrain; individuals should be able to choose whether or not to help the poor and the disadvantaged and if the government would only stop taxing us we would.  I don’t think that reflects reality.  I think if the government would only stop taxing us so much we’d all have more money to line our own pockets.

There’s a reason why we’re taxed to help Veterans and the poor.  Because we’re too greedy and selfish to help them  ourselves.  If the government stopped taxing us for those things, we would still have Veterans and poor.  I don’t think they would be any better off and certainly stand to be a hell of a lot worse off.

We are a nation of excess even with our taxation.  What do you do with your money?  Where we spend our money says a lot about us.  When was the last time you sought out a place to give?  I mean on your own accord without being emotionally manipulated into and begrudging it?

This nation has homeless, impoverished, and disenfranchised Veterans because we don’t want to help them, not because we can’t.