Out From Under the Umbrella

playing in the rain


The New Natives – Follow Up

Some of you really seemed to enjoy the music stylings of The New Natives.  Here’s their SoundCloud page if you’re interested in more:

Some of the music they’ve uploaded to SoundCloud is from when they were first trying to figure things out. YouTube is a great resource for independent artists and SoundCloud is another.

Thanks for listening along!



Song Time – The Kinks

It’s Friday afternoon fun time people!  Hop around a little to The Kinks!

I have fairly eclectic music tastes.  This is a catchy original tune from The New Natives.  Yes, this is a shameless plug for my brother’s band.  He taught himself how to play guitar!  They shot this fun little video.  His dog is the mascot!




Musical Interlude: Royals

So this is how my brain operates:

I was over on Violet Wisp’s blog yesterday when a reply to a comment made me think about the Queen.  Then I though about how much of a Queen “B” I can be.  Then I thought of the song Royals by Lorde.  Then I wanted to hear the song.  Then I wanted to post the song.  So here it is:

But then after listening to the Lorde version I remembered the Sad Clown version.  So I wanted to hear it, too.  After hearing it I wanted to post it.  Here it is:

My thoughts, they have thoughts, and then those thoughts chase rabbits.


The Days of the Week in Music – Sunday

Blogging through the weekdays in music has been a nice diversion.  Seventies music is probably my favorite as noted by the week’s posts.  My next favorite, depending on my mood and the day of the week is, soulful jazz/blues.  My favorite artist is Etta James.  Here’s to a Sunday Kind of Love…may we all be so lucky to have it.

And how about a little Commodores…Easy Like Sunday Morning

Nice, soothing, laid-back music for a lazy Sunday.