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Is Anyone Else Having Trouble?

My reader isn’t loading most of the time.  When it does load it wants permission to run the QuickTime plugin.  And now on every dashboard function it has this stupid, annoying Best Deals ad.

Is anyone else having this issue or have contracted a disgusting virus?  If it’s a WordPress thing….booooo, WP!  If it’s a virus on my computer….dammit, man!

***Update:  I’ve isolated and repaired the virus I contracted.  If anyone is interested it’s called realdeal ads . It hijacks all your links and redirects to ridiculous warnings about security breaches and searches out keywords, like free, or computer, or download, and creates a link to direct you to the same ridiculous page  I isolated the registry file but couldn’t locate it.  After searching diligently and going to the file that the start-up and processes reported it to be in the file was empty.  Insidious bastards!  I ended up doing a system restore.  It is fixed for now…