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Trump Supporters are Loud and Proud


Sometimes I have a hard time deciding whether to engage or not when someone posts idiotic nonsense like this on social media:

Make no mistake. If President Trump is impeached on false charges. We will rise en masse and you will see the likes of a civil war. Everday AMERICANS will take to the streets we will withdraw our money from banks, close our 401k’s, pull our kids from school. We will rise against the the Democrats, RINO, NeverTrumpers, and shadow government. You will have showed us our Republic is a farce and democracy is dead. We will riot.

This quote is being shared readily on social media.  I have no idea who to attribute it to.  Several people have posted it with no citation as if it’s their own.

More often than not I choose not to engage.  There would be no point as no one in the situation would change their position, including me.

Of course, if he were impeached on false charges I would be very much in disagreement with that. I just find it hard to believe that he would or even could be impeached on false charges.

The comments that follow are big, “Hell yeah! Count me in! I’m ready!!!”

The question is:  If and when President Trump is brought for impeachment how will these people be determining whether the charges are false or legitimate?

Who didn’t already know that our Republic is a farce and that democracy is dead?  Capitialism, lobbyists, and crooked politicians have ensured that fact.

The best the I can tell from those who espouse this point of view, no amount of evidence would convince them that Donald Trump has done anything wrong.  Even his admission of such isn’t enough.

I believe he was right when he said he could shoot someone in the middle of Fifth Avenue and he wouldn’t lose his supporters.  They’re die-hards who will not budge.

These same supporters seem to be offended at the suggestion that they are uneducated, racist, or misogynist.  Yet they post ignorant, racist, objectifying memes and expect to be taken at their word that they aren’t the very things that they find agreement with.

I’m very thankful that these die-hards seem to be in the minority but they are quite loud.

I haven’t said much about our political climate here in the States because I, quite frankly, haven’t quite known what to think of all this, between the news media and the crazy train running through the White House.

The haze is lifting and I have some very distinct opinions but I don’t think the Republican nor the Democratic parties would be particularly thrilled with them.

28 thoughts on “Trump Supporters are Loud and Proud

  1. The question is: If and when President Trump is brought for impeachment how will these people be determining whether the charges are false or legitimate?

    The best that I can tell from those who espouse this point of view, no amount of evidence would convince them that Donald Trump has done anything wrong. Even his admission of such isn’t enough.

    I don’t think most emotional-fanatical tRump supporters, or the like for any other political candidate for that matter, are patient enough for “due process.” Many fanatics already have their minds made up BEFORE any trial or Congressional hearing begins. Like you Ruth, I too have refrained from engaging any fanatics until all facts are known and the necessary legal proceedings are finished. And even after all of that I KNOW there is still necessary room/fudging to consider; consider the O.J. Simpson criminal verdict as one example.

    Regarding your above 2nd paragraph about “no amount of evidence,” I would have to agree with you there. We only need look back 84-years to Nazi Germany to see what fanatical-supporters are capable of doing by blind loyalty and following orders just as blindly with no sense of humanity or decency. Then by 1943 many of them STILL did not believe what the Allies were telling them. Even by late 1944 and then 1945 many German citizens denied the Holocaust or knew nothing about it. Remarkably to this day there are still deniers the Holocaust ever happened. What’s the difference between them and modern tRump supporters, even when the evidence is proven and Donald is blatantly guilty? Honestly?


  2. The question is: If and when President Trump is brought for impeachment how will these people be determining whether the charges are false or legitimate?

    They will tune into FOX News (or is that FAUX noise). They will listen to what Hannity has to say, and to what Alex Jones has to say.

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  3. I came back for a look at the comments. Interesting.
    The people you refer to see something in Trump. I imagine it’s something to do with survival; self-preservation. How does any tribe that believes it’s at risk react?


  4. It’s like the alpha male chimp making the loudest noise and beating his chest most impressively. That’s what they are reacting to, and very little content beyond base xenophobic tribalism. Curious how little we’ve evolved. I can almost see the attraction if I ignore the content and context.

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  5. In the meantime we have to keep attempting to do the right thing. I am hoping these potentially dangerous wackos will be overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of everyone else, but then sometimes I’m a bit too optimistic.


  6. This was in the opinion section of the local paper this morning:

    “The Trump bashing media just does not get it — the more negative coverage results in stronger support for the president. We don’t trust you. Period. Trump is our choice. Get over it.”


    Funny how they’ve yet to get over the fact that the Union won.

    Read an interesting paper this week titled “Social Psychological Perspectives on Trump Supporters” — published in the Journal of Social and Political Psychology.


    No one factor describes Trump’s supporters. But an array of factors – many of them reflecting five major social psychological phenomena can help to account for this extraordinary political event: authoritarianism, social dominance orientation, prejudice, relative deprivation, and intergroup contact. Research on the topic demonstrates that these theories and concepts of social psychology prove centrally important in helping to understand this unexpected event. This paper describes the supporting data for this statement and demonstrates the close parallels between these American results and those of research on far-right European supporters.


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  7. “If and when President Trump is brought for impeachment how will these people be determining whether the charges are false or legitimate?”

    Oh, that’s an easy one when you stop to consider how things are currently done: With a wave of the hand, anything and everything that is critical of Trump will be written off as false or “fake news”. Curiously, this is the exact same dynamic along with the exact same disingenuous defense maneuver we see when people are critical of Christianity and its god. Followers simply concoct a god that is “bulletproof”, or in Trump’s case, followers assign “bulletproof” to his character, and voila! Trump can do no wrong, forget about any evidence that you can provide to the contrary.


  8. Ruth, I’m glad you’re back. You could have talked about fidget spinners for all I care. I’m just happy that you popped up on my WP feed!

    How are you, the Brit and your furbabies doing? Is everything okay? If you ever want to, please feel free to message me any time. My email should pop up on your personal WP blog page.

    Hope you had a great summer!


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  9. I wonder if djt could be shown to be failing according to their own lights- not preventing all the black people from voting, not ending medical insurance for enough millions of people, not starting enough wars, or whether they would just love him the more, and blame the “RINOs” in Congress. The Freedom Caucus are a load of pinkos, after all.

    Keep telling the truth. As with your atheism, some people listen, some people change their minds. I am glad you are blogging again.


  10. Would it be OK if I cross-posted this article to WriterBeat.com? There is no fee, I’m simply trying to add more content diversity for our community and I liked what you wrdote. I’ll be sure to give you complete credit as the author. If “OK” please let me know via email.



  11. You’re very quiet? Everything okay?


    • You’re not kiddin’! I had a Trump supporter tell me the other day that they had been “driven underground.” They’re afraid to say they’re Trump supporters. My response? Where is this happening? NYC, maybe? Best as I can tell they’re just as loud, proud, and awful there.

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