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The Real Messiah?


Having tossed around some thoughts about why traditional Jews reject Jesus as Messiah I’ve done a bit of research. I found this clip on aish.com, a Jewish website. I’ll be posting more from this site. Interesting insights from this Rabbi.


Thank you Ahab!

8 thoughts on “The Real Messiah?

  1. He wants the Christian to provide evidence for Christianity – Messiah.I want him to provide me evidence for his belief. The whole subject gives me hives thinking about three major religions all gunning for Jerusalem. 😦


  2. DMA, thanks for the interesting video! I think I saw an "embed" button on the lower right – have you tried working with that?Anway, it is interesting to me that the Jewish man (sorry, I did not catch his name) listed off as things he expected of the Messiah (world peace, return of Jews to Jerusalem, rebuilding of the Temple, etc, ) are the exact same things that the Christian Premillennialist crowd expects of the Anti-Christ!! It is amazing how Christians, since about WWII, are trying to accept Jews on their side politically, when they are so opposite in their views of who their "Messiah' is. Oh… the amazing irony of it all…I am really coming around to the idea that the original intent of all the OT writings does not portray a 'Messiah' as we tend to think of him at all. Just as I think all the 'Messianic Prophecies' which supposedly point to Jesus are taken out of context and bogus, so do I think the same about a supposed 'Jewish Messiah'. I don't see any evidence that 'the original intent' of the OT writers had any conception of a Messiah as we tend to think of it. Judiasm, just like Christianity has evolved to incorporate things like 'Messiah' into their religions, but I don't see it in their Scriptures (Daniel, a very late OT book, may be the sole exception to that)


  3. D'Ma — On the video screen, hit the "embed" button. An HTML code will appear. Copy the code, then in your Blogspot message, hit the "Edit HTML" button. Paste the code wherever you'd like the video to appear in your post, and publish it.


  4. Ahab & HeIsSailing,I did see the embed thingy. I copied and pasted to my page but all I could see was the HTML code. I couldn't figure out how to make the video show up, so BIG thanks Ahab.


  5. I agree Zoe. This is just one more thing in an ever-growing list of reasons to doubt.


  6. Yep, the Jewish idea of Messiah is radically different from the Christian perspective. I'm beginning to think that as we look around at all the chaos and turmoil in the world, it was just the same back then. Maybe the idea of Messiah was wishful thinking for world peace. 🙂


  7. D'Ma, as for embedding, uncheck the check box in the post options where it says something about how it renders HTML.As for the video, it's great. Everything he was saying hit on what I remember from reading the OT.I share Zoe's sentiment, HeIs Sailing's take too. I don't think you could have started Christianity today, largely due to the availability of instant internet fact checking. 🙂


  8. I recently took a 10 week course on the Jewish roots of Christianity.One of the things I took away from it was exactly this! Jesus did nothing the OT said the messiah was supposed to do! Who would blame th Jews for not believing either before or after his time on earth.Have to do too many gymnastics to make it fit. Dang.


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