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Sister to Sister


My sister and I worked an arts and crafts festival today.   I got to her house at 8:00 a.m. this morning, we freshened our coffee, loaded the car and off we went.  Karen neither attends church regularly nor is she really in any way overtly religious.  Here’s the conversation on the way to the event:

Me:  “Are you ready for the rapture?”

Karen:  “What are you talking about?”

Me:  “What rock have you been under?  The rapture is happening today!  At 6:00 p.m.?”

Karen:  “What?”

Me:  “This guy named Harold Camping says he’s calculated the date and the hour that the rapture is supposed to happen.  And it’s today at 6:00.  He’s got a lot of people following him.  They’ve sold all their stuff and they’re ready to go. You’re obviously not ready.”

Karen:  “What did they do with the money for their stuff?  Oh, let me guess, they gave it to him.”

Me:  “In a manner of speaking.  They’ve supposedly donated it to the cause to advertise the impending rapture and subsequent tribulation for those that don’t get sucked up in the rapture.  They rented or bought R.V’s and had them wrapped in advertising for the rapture and have been driving all over the country warning people and they’ve put up billboards and done who knows what other kind of advertising.  It’s been all in the news.”

Karen:  “This is kind of like the Jim Jones thing.”

Me:  “I don’t know if they’ll be drinking any Kool-Aid, but who knows what they’ll do when they wake tomorrow and they’re still here and they don’t have anything.”

Karen:  “Whoever Harold Camping is better hope there’s a suicide pact or he might be wishing he had drank the Kool-Aid.  Those people are gonna be really mad. Who knows what they’ll do to him.  I know there are some gullible people in this world, but how do people fall for crap like that?”

Me:  “Well, you know in the book of Revelation there’s a tribulation period and Jesus comes back and destroys Satan and then there’s the judgement.  There are lots of Christians, pre-tribulation saints they call themselves, who believe Jesus is gonna come get them before all the bad stuff starts happening so they’re spared the horror of it.  This guy just says he’s calculated when exactly that’s gonna happen, and it just so happens it’s today.”

Karen:  “Yeah, it does talk about that in the Bible and I believe all that stuff about the tribulation and even that Jesus is gonna rapture…oh…yeah….I guess I see…well…oh.”


4 thoughts on “Sister to Sister

  1. DMA – EXACTLY the point I have been making recently. I have seen lots of Christian blogs lately wildly exclaiming that "Nobody really believed Camping", and by and large they are correct. "he is a nut!" they go on, because Camping dares set a date. Then they go on, "Because nobody knows the hour when Jesus will come back"Excuse me, but some 40% of Americans believe Jesus will physically touch down on planet earth during their lifetimes, but Camping is the lone nut because he dares set a date ?!!?WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE?!!?


  2. Well said, HeIsSailing! Thanks for sharing a laugh, D'Ma!


  3. Well, we're still here, so maybe we were all too sinful to be raptured. Or Camping was full of crap.


  4. @HeIsSailing,I really used to be a bona fide pre-tribulation, gonna get raptured, fly away in the twinkling of an eye believer, so I actually can't give anybody too much grief for believing it. It's exactly what you said though, a lot of the people giving Camping grief are only doing it because he had the audacity to pick a date – not because they see how outlandish the belief itself is.@TWF,That was the funny side of this whole thing. Just wish I could've posted a pic of her face as the realization washed over her. Unfortunately there are many facets to this whole some-guy-predicts-the-end saga that aren't so funny. It's really kind of sad.@Ahab,Hmmm…I'm going with Camping was full of crap. Either that or none of the folks at the church I used to attend were saved. I baked a cake for a bake sale they were having today and they were all there. 😉


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