Out From Under the Umbrella

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Pious Piety: Speaking the Truth in Love


To the entire LGBT Community: I’m sorry.
I’ve recently had the chance to speak to Jessica and expressed my deepest regret and sorrow to her over how I spoke to her that day. She accepted my apology and we are still quite good friends.

*I don’t normally write or speak of myself in the third person(it’s a little bit weird, I know). I was writing under a different pseudonym at the time.*

Edited to add:  The comments made and the blog she references over at Violet Wisp reminded me of the incident I wrote about a while back.  You should go check Violet out.  She also has crackin’ photos!


When I went over and read the blogpost referenced herein, and the comments that followed it, I was filled with remorse all over again.

Out From Under the Umbrella

 or Ruth being an insufferable fundie.  Or is it fundy?  No matter.

In Ruth’s former life her ex-husband, Charles, had a cousin.  Jessica is a beautiful girl with long, curly, brunette hair, olive colored skin, and an athletic build.  She also has the voice of an angel.  She’s got some fancy name for the type of soprano she specializes in which isn’t coming to recollection at the moment, but she’s trained operatically, and has performed internationally.  A catch, you might say.

Now you know how devoutly Christian Charles’ entire family is.  Old School Christian mafia – Southern Baptist style.  So when Jessica brought her best friend to Thanksgiving no one thought anything of it.  Ruth did.  They sat awfully close together and the way they looked at each other, well, they were more than just friends.  Ruth said something to Charles about it and he just dismissed it, thought…

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18 thoughts on “Pious Piety: Speaking the Truth in Love

  1. Have to say both partner and I have known lesbians on his side of the family and suspected ones on mine. Who cares? What difference does it make. But there again we’re not religious. Interesting Jessica and KrisAnne are still religious.


    • Apart from religion I don’t know why it makes any difference. It certainly doesn’t to me now. So when I apologized to her I told her I was sorry we even asked as we had no business even asking the question.

      It is interesting that they’re still religious. I don’t think I could be a part of an organization that thought I was an abomination, but they’ve “edited” that part out somehow. Whatever makes them happy.


  2. Compartmentalization. Cherry Picking to you and me. The only way to handle cognitive dissonance.
    It would drive one mental otherwise.


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