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Song Time – The Kinks


It’s Friday afternoon fun time people!  Hop around a little to The Kinks!

I have fairly eclectic music tastes.  This is a catchy original tune from The New Natives.  Yes, this is a shameless plug for my brother’s band.  He taught himself how to play guitar!  They shot this fun little video.  His dog is the mascot!



15 thoughts on “Song Time – The Kinks

  1. I loved the New Natives! Definitely could have been written by the Davies brothers!! Great stuff!! While I love YouTube for tracking down loads of old favorites I grew up with, I love it even more for the scads of seriously talented musicians out there who upload videos and would otherwise be unknown. What a coincidence, I have been checking out a very imaginative, unknown band from somewhere in Oregon just before I came to this site. YouTube – what a time sink!


  2. Hop around? Are you aiming that at me? Bad as Ark calling me Hopalong!

    One of my meagre claims to fame is that I saw The Kinks at Liverpool Empire when I was at university. Fave record has to be Lola though.


  3. Your brother’s band is really good. Got me movin’.


  4. New Natives. Not too shabby at all! Very ‘tight’ and good production.
    Always cool to have a rock star in the family, right? 🙂


    • Always! 😀

      No, they’re not too bad. And they’re getting some good attention, too. They tour around fairly locally on weekends but they’ve gotten some pretty good gigs!


  5. Love the Kinks! 😀
    What a lovely band and such a cool name for it. Tell your brother they just rock! 😀
    The mascott is way cute and adorable! Love the paintings they have on the walls. Stunning! 😀


    • I’ll be sure to tell him! He’ll be so pleased. 😀

      Truman is a cutie. My brother’s roommate did all the artwork!


      • Always great to see and hear music like this Ruth. They can be proud of themselves for sure. 😀

        He sounds like one and he is a great artist for sure! 😀


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