Out From Under the Umbrella

playing in the rain

We Love the Great Outdoors!


As promised to Kate and Sonel, I’m posting some pictures of Dottie!  We have a fairly large yard or what TheBrit calls a garden.  Dottie loves to roam around and play in it.  This girl has brightened up the spot!

We’re working on some training so she can have a bit more freedom to roam without a tether or a fence but we have a ways to go on that yet. She loves other dogs so when she sees one coming she can’t contain her excitement and she’s off!

Hey! Where are you going?!? Photo Credit: Ruth


Freedom! Sort of… Photo Credit: TheBrit

Photo Credit:  TheBrit

Photo Credit: TheBrit

Photo Credit: TheBrit

Photo Credit: TheBrit

18 thoughts on “We Love the Great Outdoors!

  1. Aawwwdorable. She has freckled ears like Snows, but she isn’t albino cos she disentir have pink eyes and nose. Have you seen Pippa’s post about dog harnesses?

    And yes. Brits do call that a garden. Yards are hard standing. Concrete or ashphalt.

    Thanks for the piccies 🙂


    • You did direct me to that post about the harnesses. I went and looked but will have to have another look around there. I really liked the ones I saw. Thanks for the link to that.

      Here a yard is the grassy part and a garden is either flowers or veggies. 😀

      She’s dappled all over. You can barely see them under her white coat. She’s got one pink rimmed eye and one black rimmed eye. One of her eyes is half blue/half brown. She’s got really pink skin all over. I have to be careful with her, she gets sunburn.


      • They are very supportive for big dogs (Pippa) or small strong pully dogs (snowy).

        I’ve just ordered a new top part for snows as he went on a chewing spree!

        The grass is the lawn, but I guess The Brit may have told you that. The garden is the lot. Includes any decking, brick, paths whatever.

        Snows has dapples underneath that don’t show through too.


  2. *disentir = doesn’t. Suspect I was on Spanish keyboard!


  3. Dang – it sure is green where you live.


  4. She’s gorgeous!


  5. She looks strong! Gorgeous face


  6. She is a cutie! I agree with John. My first thought is that you looks strong. Curious about her age.


  7. Awwwww, she is such a beauty! Love the shots of her Ruth! She is such a sweetheart and so adorable! Thank you for sharing her with us. I can see she enjoys roaming in the garden. 😀


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