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Drink Monster, Unleash the Beast!


[Trigger Warning: Sarcasm in abundance]


I really just don’t know what to say about this.  :blink:  It’s scary.  Not the Monster Energy drink, or their advertising campaign.  Okay, maybe the MILF part is a little scary.  But what’s really scary is all the subliminal messages that someone with apparently nothing better to do and nothing but time on their hands can imagine and promulgate(that’s my big word for today).  Be afraid, people.  Be very afraid.  Satan is just as clever and just as powerful as Yahweh.

The people perish for a lack of knowledge.

The people go insane for an abundance of Jesus.

44 thoughts on “Drink Monster, Unleash the Beast!

  1. From my occupational experience at a Psych/A&D hospital, many of our adult patients exhibited more acute forms of PPD, or Paranoid Personality Disorder. I’d say at least HALF to two-thirds of those patients exhibited religious or apocalyptic manifestations of paranoia similar to this woman but in a more developed acute stage. But no doubt, the early stages look and sound VERY MUCH like this woman’s claims. The above video is from MentalHealth.com…


    …a very good read and informative.

    There’s an old Native American tale that is apropo here, “The One We Feed“…

    One day an old Native American grandfather was talking to his grandson. He said, “There are two wolves fighting inside all of us – the wolf of fear and hate, and the wolf of love and peace.

    The grandson listened, then looked up at his grandfather and asked, “Which one will win?

    The grandfather replied, “The one we feed.

    If we constantly tell ourselves we are weak, we are depraved, we are helpless without a Proxy for the afterlife, this world and life is only meant to tempt you or deceive you (look BEYOND to heaven always!), trust no one except your own kind, and I could go on and on and on with the plethora of oppressive, negative, fear-ladened ideologies in the world — the Abrahamic religions are the worst! — then soon enough you will not just believe it all and raise your blood-pressure to unhealthy heights, but you will spread the FEAR to others like an infection.

    No thanks. I’ll pass. Have you seen your psychiatrist lately? Are you on or off your meds? 😉 😛

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  2. Woooooooooooooooooo! OK, that woman needs to spend a few years in the corner, alone, talking to no one.

    Can you imagine what sort of mind-bending, dangerous trollop she must spill to her children??

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    • Can you imagine what sort of mind-bending, dangerous trollop she must spill to her children??

      John, regarding said children my father wrote this down from a book he was studying while my mother was carrying me in her womb…

      Children Learn What They Live

      “If a child lives with criticism, they learn to condemn.
      If a child lives with hostility, they learn to fight.
      If a child lives with ridicule, they learn to be shy.
      If a child lives with jealousy, they learn to feel guilty.
      If a child lives with tolerance, they learn to be patient.
      If a child lives with encouragement, they learn confidence.
      If a child lives with praise, they learn to appreciate.
      If a child lives with fairness, they learn justice.
      If a child lives with security, they learn trust.
      If a child lives with approval, they learn self-worth.
      If a child lives with acceptance, they learn friendship…
      And how to find love in the world.”

      I was a very lucky boy; I am now a very lucky man and father because my Dad lived this in our home. He was Agnostic by the way and a very active humanitarian. I wish some in the world were as fortunate as I was to grow up in that environment. 🙂 :/

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    • Coocoo for Cocoa Puffs. But the more interesting thing is that other people are buying into this. Actually this was in my facebook newsfeed this morning with the caption from my friend being, Wow, hidden marketing. I won’t be buying Monster anymore. Christians, this is a must see..

      Fear certainly does make for a good motivator, even if it is irrational.

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  3. Woooahhhh . . . I’d never even considered the witchcraft angle. Why is she touching the satanic packaging so much? I’d drop that shit and run!

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    • Well, I think this drink is evil but for a host of different reasons, not the least of which is when I tried it once I thought I was going to die. My heart raced. I was sweating bullets. It tired to kill me. So maybe she’s onto something with this whole Satanic thing. :/

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  4. “Something to think about.” Or not! I’ve seen this video clip a few times and it never ceases to amaze me at how much thought this woman gave to the branding of an energy drink. Oh that Satan is so very clever! 😉

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  5. The most amazing thing about all of this lady’s antics is that I know people who would believe her at her word. Try telling them it’s just energy drink packaging, and suddenly you’re an agent of the devil. So sad.

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  6. A few days ago, I saw the video The God Delusion. I was impressed by several thoughts that Richard Dawkins expresses. On this topic of fear, particularly his interviews with psychologist Jill Mitton (starting at about 1:02) and with pastor Keenan Roberts (at about 1:05).


  7. M M M M M M M M M
    I love that letter.
    Both my first and middle name begin with M.
    M M M M M M M M M

    I think the last thing the listener said was something like, “I never thought of it that way.” or similar. Well, who would? Unless you were goofy!!

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  8. POE alert: Scoff while ye may – “monster” and “unleash the beast” helps direct this brilliant woman. Genius is sooo often unappreciated.!


    • If she’s a POE she’s really good. I don’t think she is, though. She’s got a website and everything. That makes her legit, doesn’t it?

      www dot christineweick dot com

      And check this out!


  9. I was the POE!


  10. Dafuq did she smoke?
    People perish for lack of knowledge and stupid should filled with zeal should have been made criminal

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  11. It really does show how little critical thinking is taught in America. Over half Americans believe in Satan. 70% Protestant, 66% Catholic and 86% Other Christian.

    Click to access tabs_exorcism_0912132013%20%281%29.pdf

    Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia (In a New York Magazine interview – 10/6/13)

    “What he’s (Satan) doing now is getting people not to believe in him or in God. He’s much more successful that way. You’re looking at me as though I’m weird. My God! Are you so out of touch with most of America, most of which believes in the Devil? I mean, Jesus Christ believed in the Devil! It’s in the Gospels! You travel in circles that are so, so removed from mainstream America that you are appalled that anybody would believe in the Devil! Most of mankind has believed in the Devil, for all of history. Many more intelligent people than you or me have believed in the Devil.

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    • Hmm…I would have thought the number of Protestants would be higher. I’m guessing that within the Protestant group they are counting Progressive and Liberal Christians, though. I know it isn’t fair or even correct but when I see or hear the term Protestant I immediately think Evangelicals.

      Re: “What he’s (Satan) doing now is getting people not to believe in him or in God. He’s much more successful that way.”

      See the video I posted to Siriusbiznus.


    • Scalia is a piece of work. A lot more intelligent people have thought a lot of things were true, that turned out to be false. I can’t believe this guy is a judge and he uses a very common logical fallacy to make his case for the devil being real.


  12. I miss your blog posts! Write soon! 🙂 I know life gets busy, just was thinking about you and thought I’d drop by and say hi! Hope life is busy in a good way right now! 🙂

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    • Thanks, Swarn! Life just went a little haywire. Work got extremely busy and, well, they pay me to work, not play on the net. My internet at home has been on the fritz. Last week the gardener(read the TheBrit) accidentally mowed over the cable and this week I’m not sure what’s wrong. My modem may be dead. :/ I’ll get back to the regularly scheduled programming soon, though. Thanks for asking about me!

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