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playing in the rain

Happy Valentine’s Day


floatondowntheriverI love the water.  Always have.  There’s something healing, something soothing, something so peaceful about it.  It makes me feel at one with nature and the universe.  That’s about as spiritual as it gets for me.

For Valentine’s Day, instead of swapping cheesy cards and overpriced flowers, TheBrit and I decided to have an experience.  We finally got to go on a kayaking trip a couple of weekends ago.

It was the perfect day for it, too.  It was breezy and sunny.  Not too hot.

As we paddled along the seven-mile course sounds of the kayaks and the oars gliding through the water ran through me and I felt so relaxed, so mellow, so at ease. It is truly medicinal.

Turtles were on nearly every log and every rock we passed by, stretching their necks and their legs as far as possible to soak up the warm sun.

fishingsunningturtlesGoing on down the river a bit we saw a hawk soaring overhead.  I turned my kayak to try to get a shot of this magnificent creature as he lit and perched on a branch nearby.

hawkhawk2Later, as I dangled my feet over the sides to do as the turtles had done, stretching myself to soak up the warmth of the sun, this damsel fly hitched a ride on my foot.

damselHe rode for quite a ways.  Then a green-eyed dragon fly decided to join the cruise.


A damsel in distress!

The dragon fly decided it was lunch time and made a meal of the damsel. I watched with intrigue as the dragon fly started with the head and ate the whole thing.  Then he eyed me!

dragonfly2dragonfly3I wasn’t entirely sure the damsel wasn’t just an appetizer and he was sizing me up for the main course.  I guess he decided he couldn’t take me and eventually buzzed away.

We completed the journey by docking at a crystal clear natural spring filled with children splashing and laughing.


427I love the water.  Always have.  Happy Valentine’s Day, MyBrit.

24 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. Those are some great pictures.

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  2. You got some awesome shots there Ruth. I love a nice float down a river myself. You’re right, medicinal is the perfect word for it!

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  3. Just want to tell you that I enjoyed the tale, the pictures, birds and insects included. And that I share your attraction to water.
    in spite of the universal “fear” of floods, tsunamis and my personal experience of being nearly drowned, and only then having learned to swim, I can spend hours watching the rippling waves of a river, of the sea from a beach or from the afterdeck of an oceansteamer, at any time of the day or the year…

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    • Thanks, koppieop! I’m glad you enjoyed it.

      It’s amazing how something so soothing and so tranquil can become a frightening torrent. Sometimes the very things that cause our fear also become our healing.


  4. Water = as close to me as I’ll ever be. ❤

    Thanks for sharing. This was a delightful trip. Great pics.

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  5. That looks like my idea of a great way to spend a day – goin’ down that river! thanks, Ruth! Just lovely shots! 🙂

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  6. Beautiful post Ruth. I used to belong to a rowing club and early morning trips down the river were just sublime. As for V Day, some people at work got sent flowers to the office. Me, I left at lunchtime when my handsome prince and two/three dogs turned up to take me to the beach. I tell you, there was some serious envy about that, beat the expensive flower syndrome. It’s not about show. It’s about together. And your post exemplifies that.

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  7. Hey Ruth girl!

    Glad you had a lovely time! How absolutely fabulous for you and your sweetie.

    I LOVE water! I’ve been romantically involved with three sailors. Two I almost married and the third I’ve been married to for almost 11 years. Having lived in Florida, California and Hawaii, the beach was often just miles from my house. I also enjoyed punting in Cambridge while I lived in England one summer.

    Glad you two enjoyed yourselves. What a great idea for Valentine’s Day.

    Peace and love,


  8. How did I miss this post? Those are some truly cool photographs.
    Well done! What camera do you have , Ruth?
    I’ve probably asked this before but I’ve forgotten.


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