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Analogous…In Which the 99% can Relate and Understand


The other day, maybe a month or so ago, Donald Trump called in and spoke to Chris Cuomo, one of the hosts of New Day on CNN.  He does that a lot and gets buttloads of free publicity.

*During his conversation with Cuomo The Donald talked about how he understands the working class and how he, himself, had received a small loan from his father when he started out in the real estate business. When pressed about the amount of the loan Trump said it was a million dollars*.



He later explained that the size of the loan was relative meaning that in his world a million dollars is small.



Now, pardon me for saying so but Trump was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.  He’s likely never rolled pennies to buy a gallon of milk.  I’m quite certain he’s never, not ever, wondered where his next meal was going to come from and I highly doubt that he has ever a day in his life worried that if he didn’t receive his next check his lights would be cut off.

Donald Trump is the one percent.

So when he starts talking to the working-class, also known as the working poor, my eyes glaze over.  No matter how much he shouts from the rooftops that he’s on my side and he can make it better and that, believe him, I have no greater ally than him when it comes to getting ahead my eyes glaze over.  When he says things like, I got a “small loan” from my father of a million freaking dollars, I roll my eyes so hard it’s a wonder they don’t fall out of my head.

When he tries to tell the American public that he understands their plight and that, believe him, he’s got problems, too, it really is laughable.  He lambastes anyone who dares criticize him in any way whatsoever.  But truly, he’s got my best interest at heart.

He’s boycotted networks because they weren’t “fair” to him.  Fair? I suppose that’s relative, too.

The difference here is I don’t begrudge him his wealth.  He was born into it.  He didn’t ask to be born to those parents, though I dare say he wouldn’t wish to born to a poor family.  I don’t wish he were poor.

I’d like to share in the wealth. I’d like to think that the system that keeps the one percent rich as hell isn’t also the same system that keeps me living paycheck to paycheck without a hell of a lot of luck.  If only I could wish it weren’t so.

So it isn’t Donald Trump, personally, that I have a beef with.  And he might be an ally to the working class.  But what isn’t helpful is for him to try to tell me that he’s got problems, or that something isn’t fair to him or that, or that me pointing out the disparity between our situations is somehow classist.   Or when the working class tells him that they need help and that the wealth should be a little more evenly divided that his answer wasn’t, “Believe me, I’m going to make America great again.  But you’re not getting any of my wealth. That’s socialism.”

What would be helpful is if he sat down with a group of the working class and asked them how he might help make it better.  If he asked what it’s like to be poor or working-class, listened to the answer, and then acted upon that to the best of his ability that would be helpful.

When Trump makes the working-class’ problems all about how it affects him it tells me he might be listening to the working class but he surely doesn’t hear them.

Now, apply that same logic, that same disgust, that most of us feel when Trump speaks to the middle and low income class of people to every other class imbalance.

We don’t want to hear about Trump’s problems.  We don’t want to hear how life has been unfair to him.  Because it pales in comparison to the problems and unfairness that the rest of us experience on a regular basis. It seems kind of pointless and idiotic for him to compare himself on any level with us commoners.  Sure, he puts his pants on one leg at a time just like us, but he puts his leg into an Armani suit, not a cheap polyester one.

Stay with me here.  That’s the way women feel when men talk about how feminism bugs them.  That’s the way women feel when men talk over them and past them.  I’d venture to guess that’s how black people or people of any minority feel when the classes  above them in the echelon try to tell them how hard life is for them.

It isn’t an attempt to make men or white people feel worthless or meaningless.  It is an attempt to make ourselves worthy and meaningful.  No, we don’t want to silence you.  We want to be heard – not just listened to.  Is that so much to ask?

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38 thoughts on “Analogous…In Which the 99% can Relate and Understand

  1. So very true. It’s weird how “I have normal human problems plus some other stuff” can be interpreted as “I have all the problems! You have no problems! You are probably not actually human!”

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    • The thing is different classes of people have different problems. I’m not denying that anyone is human or that we don’t all have problems, but it is beyond annoying when someone of a different class, especially a more privileged class tries to explain to a less privileged class why their problems are worse, potentially so simply because of the less privileged class’ very existence.


  2. Greetings Ruth and all the best in the new year

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  3. What I find most shocking is many of his supporters are people who are struggling too- and somehow he’s managed to convince them he has their best interest at heart.
    In one of the debates he went on to say that his bankruptcies weren’t a failure, they were *smart* . Interesting because I doubt his creditors and their employees found the situation very *smart* when they had to close down or lost their jobs.

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    • It is true he has the support of a very specific group of people. Some of them wear suits and ties and most of them wear trucker hats and chew tobacco. I think that his message that because he’s filthy rich he isn’t beholden to anyone AND his anti PC rhetoric, also known as racism and misogyny, is as racist and sexist as they feel he’s garnered the following of those people. I had no idea we had that many knuckle draggers left. I thought Neanderthals were extinct.

      Because he’s successful in business those mostly undereducated people believe that translates into being a successful president. I don’t share that view. In fact, I think most of what makes him successful in business is precisely what would make him a horrible president.

      Filing bankruptcy, he said, was a smart business move allowed by law. He followed the law and was very smart. There’s no one smarter than Trump unless you count billionaires who have never had to file bankruptcy, but that’s just a minute detail. I like people who have never filed bankruptcy just like he likes heroes who have never been caught and made prisoners of war.

      But truth be told, even though I talked a lot about The Donald, I was really trying to draw an analogy between him trying to persuade the underclass that he knows a damned thing about struggles or oppression which applies to any class of oppressed people and in particular why mansplaining is annoying.

      Why in the name of all that is sane anyone buys his bs, especially women, is beyond me.

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  4. I did laugh. Ironically however. Because it’s not funny. But a million dollar loan from daddy is small? I need the emoticon for ROTFLMFAO.

    But as I read through, I thought, Ah, and then … you said it. Exactly what I was thinking.

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  5. “What would be helpful is if [Trump] sat down with a group of the working class and asked them how he might help make it better. If [Trump] asked what it’s like to be poor or working-class, listened to the answer, and then acted upon that to the best of his ability that would be helpful.”

    “We want to be heard – not just listened to.”

    … 🙂 ❤

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  6. Don’t get me started on tRUmp!

    But I will say this about what you wrote — I agree. However, what I think is really sad is how many are so hungry for life to get better that they take his words as gospel. They are totally sucked in by his rhetoric. He says he’s gonna’ make America great … and that’s what they want … so bam! He’s our guy.

    I’m literally scared to death that he might get elected … for more reasons that I can list … but primarily for his total lack of knowledge, expertise, and tact when it comes to foreign affairs and people. I dread to think …

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    • I especially worry about his foreign policy. And, yes, for many Americans I think it boils down to what Gov. Nicki Haley from South Carolina said. They are angry and afraid about their personal situations and safety. He is feeding that anger and fear and capitalizing on it. Savior complex at work here. Naming what is basically a human condition a “sickness” for which he is the cure. Those damned Mexicans are to blame for stealing their minimum wage jobs. Except by and large that isn’t even remotely true AND most of the people who want the Mexicans rounded up and sent home couldn’t even survive on the wages that they are being paid. Trump has come right out and said he’s not in favor of a minimum wage increase. Not even by a little. Those people who are living paycheck to paycheck will still be living paycheck to paycheck.


  7. Well, here’s a woman that supports trump, bear with me as I lift my knuckles off the ground to text this. :/

    I don’t care that he’s rich or grew up rich. He got a loan from his dad and paid it back. Would it have been better to get the loan from a bank? A loan is a loan.

    Women… Am I to support hillary because she has the same plumbing that I have? Look at how she went after the women that went public with what Bill was doing… Real feminism right there!!

    And should we dislike the Clintons now because they are worth over 100 million combined? I wonder how many jobs the Clintons have created compared to Trump? I bet Trump has more contact with working class people than Hillary since he employs more of they. I bet more people have better lives because of the jobs Trump provides. How many jobs are created from public speaking or from writing books?

    We don’t know the struggles that Trump has and to say his struggles aren’t relevant because he’s rich is judgmental. Just because we are poor or low on the pay scale doesn’t give us the right to dismiss his struggles just as he shouldn’t dismiss ours because he’s rich. It’s wrong to do at either end of the wealth meter.

    One more thing, Trump shouldn’t have to give his money to people to even things out. I would rather him use that money to create jobs for others and that’s exactly what he has done.


    • Haha! I’m glad you have a sense of humor about it. And glad to see that you get the Internet from your cave 😉

      My point about the loan has nothing whatsoever to do with where he got it. Plenty of people get loans from their parents. My point was about the fact that he could call a million dollars a SMALL loan. That highlights a major difference between him and the average American.

      Where Hillary is concerned I don’t expect anyone to vote for her simply because she is a woman. I’m not a huge fan of hers and the reason you list here is only a portion of the reason why. I do not dislike Trump because he has money. That’s ludicrous. There are plenty of other reasons to dislike him.

      Is Trump a shrewd business person? Obviously. That does not translate into being a good president? No. There are plenty of job creators, aka bosses, that are complete assholes. The very things that likely draw you to him are the things I don’t like about him. He is ruthless and won’t tolerate or accept criticism. Believe him, he doesn’t need anyone else’s advice. He has a horrible foreign policy if you can even call it that. He’s a narcissist. In running his business he’s the top dog. He speaks and those who work for him do as they’re told. And that’s fine in his business because that’s the way it works. But that’s not how government works. I don’t think he will remember that he works for us , not the other way around. He will be great for those who agree with him but woe unto anyone who dates to disagree. That’s what people forget. He works for all of us. Not just the ones who think like him and his supporters. I’ve heard people say that Obama is a dictator. I don’t think we’ve seen anything, yet.

      While I don’t disagree that Trump has problems and struggles they are not the same as the working class. The point is he can’t identify with the problems we face. Not that his problems aren’t important but that having the problem of whether to fund your failing casino business with another of your businesses is not even on par with having to decide whether to fund your prescription bill with your grocery money. Not.even.close.

      I read between the lines. So when Trump says he isn’t beholden to special interest groups because he’s funding his own campaign and then points out how some of the other candidates have been bought by him it makes not only those candidates suspect but him as well. It tells me he’s a special interest unto himself. As president he could just skip the middle man and save his money.

      Lastly, I didn’t say that he should give his money to even things out. However he probably pays relatively little tax. Sure he’s talked about closing tax loopholes. Except for the real estate interest. Hmmm….who can I think of that that benefits? And then he tells a group of African Americans that he’s going to create jobs using tax incentives to draw industry to their area. What was that about closing tax loopholes again? What it adds up to is the middle-class footing the bill.

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      • If only I can figure out how to get my cave drawing on my laptop, I would be set!! haha!!!!

        How many presidential candidates can really relate with the working class? How many aren’t in some way a narcissist? Think about Hillary, she is from Arkansas, moved to New York so she could be a senator there. Her comment, “I suppose I could have stayed home and baked cookies and had teas” I am a stay at home mom and I can say that is not all that I do (I have never been to a tea party). Clinton had her own email server because she was so awesome that the one the government provided and requires officials to use was not good enough for her. Rose law firms documents went missing. She blamed the Lewisnki scandal as a right wing conspiracy, not that her hubby was getting head in the oval office. She blamed Benghazi on a Youtube video not on our officials putting their head in the sand on the anniversary of 9/11. She does what she wants to do, she says what she want to say and damn any of you that call her out on it.

        I agree that while Trump runs his business, probably what he says goes. But he also has to negotiate deals. He has to to know how to make both sides happy. He did donate money to Republicans and to Democrats. He knows how this works, he knows how all of our politicians are bought….and he admits it!! What other person running admits that? Trump can’t executive order everything, he has to run things through congress. They have to pass through our supreme court. So for those that think he can be another Hitler, our laws are set up to protect against that. I also believe that Trump has a huge ego, does he really want to become president and then go down in history as the worst president of all time? Or will he work hard with Democrats and Republicans so when he leaves office our economy is better than when he came into office? I may be wrong, but that is how I look at his presidency.

        As far as taxes, he is right. Companies are leaving the US because we have the highest corporate tax. Look at Phizer, a huge company leaving the US so they will pay less taxes. He wants to close the loop holes and in doing that you can lower the tax rate. If those jobs return to the US, then we will have more tax revenue coming into the US. That is what Trump means when he tell blacks that he will create jobs. And as far as taxes, Trump can not be blamed for what he pays in taxes. He has never written a tax code, our politicians have (Obama and Clinton). He pays what is required by laws that he did not write.

        I think that when foreign leaders meet with him, they will like him. He seems firm but personable. People should not be allowed to come into our country illegally. While we have a group of people that want to hurt us because we are infidels, maybe it is wise to tighten who comes in. Ignoring these issues because we do not want to offend or we might look like racists is not beneficial to our country. I also do not believe Trump will get us into any kind of war. our country can not afford that, it costs too much money and too many young lives. As selfish as it sounds, the US has to keep her interests in the forefront.

        I will admit, I could be wrong. I may look back and see that my vote for Trump was wrong. But I have been wanting a non politician to run for president. With the success Trump has had in his non government career, I want to see if that can carry over into running our country.


        • How many presidential candidates can really relate with the working class? How many aren’t in some way a narcissist?

          Mirror, mirror on the wall who’s the most narcissistic presidential candidate of them all? Sure, most of the candidates are. But not all of them and they tend to be the more moderate candidates. I have thought about Hillary, and as I said, I’m not one of her supporters so bashing her with me is barking up the wrong tree. However, I think that when she said, “I suppose I could have stayed home and baked cookies and had teas,” I think she was being sarcastic. I’m sure she knows that baking cookies and having teas is not all there is to being a stay-at-home mother. I think her point was likely that it is the expectation of most men that women should be more traditional. That’s not her and it’s not many other women, either. I’m no Carly Fiorina fan, either, but I’ve also seen the difference in the way she is treated vs. her male counterparts. While things at HP went south(not all her fault, either, as she took on a complete mess), she has obviously had huge success in business. Before she went to HP, when she first attained a managerial position over a team at AT&T she was introduced by her male boss to her team as the “token bimbo”. Because she’s assertive she’s been labeled a bitch.

          True, Trump negotiates deals. Being a billionaire helps with that negotiation. Having the biggest bank account always puts you in a position of power when negotiating deals. Why? Because you don’t need this deal. You can walk at any time. You can say, “take it or leave it.” Let’s just look at Trump’s remarks regarding China, for example. Perhaps he could negotiate a better deal with China, because believe him, China loves him. As do all the Muslims, the womenz, and the Mexicans, btw. But my suspicion is that when he’s placed on the back foot he might not be able to negotiate quite as much as he thinks because we don’t have the leverage with China. We owe them $1.2 trillion. With a T. He isn’t negotiating from a position of strength.

          He might work hard to bring Republicans and Democrats together after he’s president, but if his campaigning strategy is any indication he is most certainly not a unifying factor. He’s divisive. Within his OWN party. So he’d have to make some pretty huge strides and jump some pretty huge hurdles to do that. Silver tongued he is not.

          While I agree that our corporate tax rate is too high and we need to make some changes, I disagree with the premise of trickle down economics. Build it and they will come isn’t a good long-term strategy. If it were the Reagan era implementation of such would still have us going strong and the corporate tax rate would still be low. Sure they should be more in line with what you find globally, and it will generate jobs, but downturns in the economy are still going to happen as evidenced by the economic collapse of 2008. Sure, it’s plausible in the short-term when it feels like the bottom is falling out. And I don’t even disagree with giving tax incentives to industry to lure them. There has to be balance. But if you’re going to provide tax incentives you have to stop them from stashing money in offshore accounts to keep from paying the tax. Phizer and other companies are leaving the US to avoid paying higher taxes, but if the tax rate is lowered but they can’t stash money somewhere else I’m wondering how much their savings will really be. Phizer is a pharmaceutical company. I wonder how many low-to-no education jobs they offer. I’m not suggesting that losing that job isn’t a blow, but I wonder how many people will actually be losing their job. They can move their headquarters abroad without impacting a great number of the 73,0000 workers they employ. When you lower the corporate tax rate, which I agree should be done to some degree, you’re shifting that tax somewhere else. To those who are employed by said corporation.

          Now, let’s talk about minimum wage a little bit. It is a fact, whether I like it or not, that many of the low-wage jobs are held by blacks. Minimum wage earners don’t pay much, if anything in taxes. So even if he creates a buttload of low-wage jobs they still won’t be paying much, if any, taxes. The loopholes he’s closing won’t have much impact on them because they don’t have much to claim as a loophole. So even if there are a lot more jobs that doesn’t necessarily translate into more sharing of the tax-burden. I’m wondering how many jobs he’s going to “create” that will be middle-to-high income that will be sharing that load. Most of the industry that’s been lost has been in low-wage manufacturing. We definitely need to get those back, but wages need to be higher. He’s already said, even with his lower corporate tax rate, you just can’t raise the minimum wage. And everybody isn’t cut out to go to college. That doesn’t mean they shouldn’t earn a living wage.

          No, Trump didn’t write the tax code and I wasn’t faulting him for not paying more than is required by law. My point was that he should be required to pay more than he is. Changing the tax code to make that happen is on the agenda of every candidate and I don’t think his plan is any more viable than any other.

          If I recall correctly, Trump said he’d, “bomb the shit out of ISIS.” That sounds like war to me. And when he does that he won’t just be bombing ISIS. There will be civilian losses. ISIS isn’t a place. It’s an ideology. It’s hard to bomb a moving target. Banning Muslims from entering the U.S. will only fan the flames of that ideology. It will alienate the moderate Muslims and possibly push them to the more extreme side.

          My husband is British. He came here legally. I don’t disagree people shouldn’t be allowed to come here illegally, especially when we went through the grueling process of coming here legally. Trump’s answer is to build a wall to keep the really bad guys out. The really bad guys come to this country through tunnels under the border. And he has the lot of his supporters convinced that because he’s such a fantastic deal maker that Mexico will be happy to pay for said wall. Why? What’s the incentive? Mexico’s corrupt government benefits from this failed war on drugs. Why on earth would they want to build a wall to stop it?

          He has had so much success in large part because he was born into a situation where he had every advantage possible. You have your reasons for liking and wanting to vote for Trump. I, too, hope you don’t look back and see that your vote for him was wrong. I truly hope that if he does become president I can look back and say that I was wrong.


  8. I think you and I probably agree a lot on the tax issue. Things need to change, we over tax our corporations. We need a simpler tax code. And you are right, low income people will not pay taxes, but isn’t that better for them to have jobs than to not? Isn’t it better for them to have jobs than to rely on social programs? The pride of providing for your family, the opportunity for advancements…that is much better than having people waiting on their check from the government. Also, the jobs that come back to the US will be taxes that we are not getting now and there will be taxable jobs created. It makes so much sense to me that I am shocked that people feel higher taxes is the answer.

    Minimum wage, I do not know if an across the board increase is what needs to happen. If wages are raised, will the price of products increase to cover those wages? And, I know it sounds cruel, but some jobs do not require much skill. When I was a hostess, should I have received $15/hour just to seat people? It was a low skilled job with low pay. It made me want go to a technical school (because we could not afford college) . As a hairdresser, I didn’t get minimum wage, it was strictly commission. If I didn’t work or do a good job, I didn’t earn money. I didn’t get paid because the boss had to pay me for the hours I was there, I got paid because I worked my ass off and earned it. I am not saying that all jobs should be commission. What I am saying, if you do not like a minimum wage job, then either find something else or figure out a way that makes you worth more!

    “Changing the tax code to make that happen is on the agenda of every candidate ” Obama had 8 years and many of his years in his first term he had a Democrat congress, why didn’t they fix the tax code since its on every agenda? I think because most politicians like having that ability to write in loopholes so they get campaign donations. That goes for Democrats and for Republicans.

    “Banning Muslims from entering the U.S. will only fan the flames of that ideology. It will alienate the moderate Muslims and possibly push them to the more extreme side.” So banning a group of people might make them upset and more will become radical?! Think about that…because you won’t let me into your house, that will piss me off so much that I am going to find a way into your home and now kill you! If that is the mindset of a certain religion, then I do not want them here! Do not get mad because a country wants to defend themselves against a radical wing, get mad at that radical wing! Fix the problem within before you get mad at others for wanting to protect their borders. And a wall will cut down on some human trafficking. We will also have to constantly look for tunnels and make sure that people, drugs, and guns aren’t smuggled into our country.


    • And you are right, low income people will not pay taxes, but isn’t that better for them to have jobs than to not? Isn’t it better for them to have jobs than to rely on social programs?

      Unless they are going to make more income than they would at a job, no. That’s why people need a living wage. Two wage earners making the current minimum wage cannot possibly afford to live. Minimum wage in this country is below the poverty line. I don’t think $15.00 an hour would be an immediate hike. It would be incremental. Several states have already chosen to increase their minimum wages to that amount, though. And to your point about education/skill. No, an unskilled worker shouldn’t make the same think a skilled worker makes. However, they still should be making enough to afford essentials. Food, clothing, childcare. And just because you “flip burgers” doesn’t mean you’re not working your ass off. Who do you think is going to flip your burger if they all get a skill and move on? Have you had a good look at the people that work at fast food places? They aren’t all zit-faced teenagers just earning some extra money. Is customer service not a skill? I think it is, and it’s reflected in the service you get at those kinds of places when the people aren’t earning a living wage.

      “So banning a group of people might make them upset and more will become radical?! Think about that…because you won’t let me into your house, that will piss me off so much that I am going to find a way into your home and now kill you!”

      I think you might be underestimating how disenfranchised this might make Muslims who are citizens of this country feel. I’m an atheist. If suddenly for whatever reason atheists were on the list of people not allowed into the country I would feel disenfranchised even though I’m already here. Even Muslims who are already citizens will feel unwelcome. While they may not be pushed to the radicalized point of killing people they are certain to be more hostile. And who wouldn’t be? You want to make an entire group of people suspect because a few of them(in relative terms) have become radicalized? Not only that but we have Muslims who we are counting on to aid us in the Middle East; interpreters, translators, informants, etc. Their lives are in jeopardy for helping us. Are they suspect and banned, too? I’m sure that many of them are mad at the radical wing. After all, while ISIS is persecuting Christians, they have killed many more Muslims simply because they weren’t the right kind of Muslims. They don’t corner the market on radicalization, either. People believe all kinds of radical ideologies and plan destruction. White Supremacists spring to mind. Are all white people suspect because some are radical? In addition, there is a huge difference between your personal home and the US as a nation. If this is going to be our attitude we should take down The New Colossus plaque and the Statue of Liberty while we’re at it. In fact, we probably should have done that when we rounded up Japanese Americans into interment camps and denied entry to Jews running for their lives during WWII. It’s meaningless. We have a rather large Muslim population who live peacefully in this country. Shutting our borders to Muslims isn’t protecting them. It is racist.

      Obama had 8 years and many of his years in his first term he had a Democrat congress, why didn’t they fix the tax code since its on every agenda? I think because most politicians like having that ability to write in loopholes so they get campaign donations. That goes for Democrats and for Republicans.

      Well, I was referring to current presidential candidates but so many promises so little action. Do you not think that Trump is just the same? He makes loads of grandiose promises. He’s gotta get that through Congress, just like ever other President. The thing is no matter who the President is, they can never deliver on all they promise because they don’t have nearly the power they think they will going in. Just ask GW. The key is definitely bipartisanship and right now and, I fear with Trump as president, they will be as polarized as ever. You ask why Obama didn’t change the tax code? Roll your eyes, now. The tax code he inherited from the Bush administration? Likely the same reason Bush made the changes he did. The economy collapsed and the US needed the money to fund a war. A war that didn’t end with Obama’s inauguration and still goes on today. He’s criticized if he tries to end the war and bring our soldiers home and he’s criticized if he escalates military action. Same as every.other.president. Damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t. But if anybody think that Bush’s time or Obama’s time in office was easy they need to think again. Revenge comes with a steep price tag. I don’t think any of us anticipated just how high that price would be and we’re still paying it.

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  9. When I worked a minimum wage job, there were a couple of other hostesses that made more because they had been there longer. So, I do not know if businesses do them anymore, but there were things called raises. Not all jobs give them, but not all jobs only offer minimum wage forever. And sadly, the burger flipper are not teenagers. That is because adults have had to take those jobs. Teenage unemployment is high. So jobs that were minimum wage and usually teenage employment are now being given to adults. And yes, they should be able to earn a living wage…most are still doing quite well. How many low income people have cell phones, get their nails and hair done, have cable in their home? How many are having children when they can not afford children? How many took education seriously? Just to say we need to raise minimum wage is not going to fix the underlying issue with poverty. If I remember correctly, you live in a south east state like I do. People that grew up in poverty have to want to break that cycle. Education is a huge help. Not having children before 20 is another huge help. Some of the fix with poverty has to be personal responsibility.

    Just because a group of people feel unwelcomed does not give them the right to become hostile. The reason why Muslims are starting to feel unwelcomed is because a certain percentage of them are hostile. And yes, hostile towards Muslims too. And I do believe until the Muslims can get that under control, we should do an extra screening policy on them. Did you know that female from the San Bernadino massacre had been posting things on social media about her radicalization and we still let her in!! Something is broken here and we need to fix it. And having a time where we have stricter guidelines on who comes in and from which countries (ie ones that practice Sharia Law) might be a good idea until we can figure out a way to weed out the radical Muslims. That is not being racists. How many attacks have come from white supremacists groups lately? The last one I can think of is the Oklahoma bombing. Now name off radical Muslim attacks as of lately. Right off the top of my head, Egypt plane shot down, Paris, Mali (2x back to back), San Bernadino, Indonesia..that is without using google. Just going off of the top of my head and that is all within a few months. And if there comes a time that white women are on a rampage, I can not be upset if certain counties do not want to let me in. It isn’t being racists to say white women are on a killing spree it is an observation. And it would be wise for people and countries to watch white women closely.

    “The key is definitely bipartisanship” I agree, and both sides are guilty of this. Both sides demonize the other and that gets us no where. Again, that is why I do not want a Washington insider. We will just get the same bullshit that we have been getting for decades. I truly want someone that will work with both parties because both parties represent the US . Trump might be an ass, but I get this feeling that he is a likable person. I get the same feeling with Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden. I do not get that with Hillary. We need a “people person” in the white house, not an ideologue…we just had that and I feel Washington is even more divisive.

    I should add, I am more Libertarian. I liked Ron Paul and I like Rand Paul. They know their stuff and I would LOVE to see how they would run our country. Sadly, I do not see a Libertarian being president for a while. But if they keep putting their ideas out there, they may catch on. I also think the Libertarian party is a party that many liberals can get behind because of their social liberal stances and no wars. So where I like Trump and I like him flipping off the Republicans, I really like Libertarian candidates.


    • You said you were done, so I’ll let you have the last word. Are you assuming that because I don’t like Trump I’m pro-Hillary? I’m not sure why you keep bringing her into the conversation. Trump is not the only, and in my humble opinion not the best, Republican candidate. And Hillary isn’t the democratic candidate. As of now it isn’t a choice between those two. And I hope to the gods they aren’t in the future. Trump isn’t the anti-Hillary. He’s the male version of her.


      • I might have assumed wrong, but I did assume you would vote for the Democratic candidate and unless something crazy happens, Hillary is it. On the Republican side, idk if Trump will get it. I could see as others drop out, their supporters get behind another candidate.


        • I do not now, nor have I ever voted party lines. I like Bernie Sanders and I wouldn’t count him out just because the media isn’t covering him much. I think that will change. He’s started a pretty grassroots movement. His major downfall, that I see, is him calling himself a Democratic Socialist. The term socialist has such negative connotations, but Free Market Socialism isn’t a terrible thing. It’s not a dirty word. He’s totally for job creation and the working class. We already have a type of Free Market Socialism. It’s just not working and I think he has some really good ideas of how to make it better. The Republican party has taken the word socialist and run with it so as to make him sound like a Communist with radical ideas. If giving a leg up to the working class is a radical idea, then I’m all for it.

          In the Republican pool I did like John Kasich until he advocated a government institution of Judeo-Christian education. What the?!? Has he not read the 1st amendment? My hope is that was a knee-jerk reaction to the ISIS radicalization of people on our home turf. But still…

          He just seems like the most moderate Republican candidate. He’s fiscally conservative without going overboard while also being socially liberal enough. Plus he’s done a pretty jam up job in his state. And he’s not a Washington insider.


          • I would be fine if Sanders got the ticket and would be open to see how he runs things as well. He seems genuine and quite likeable. Also, his wife seems down to earth. You’re right, we do have a form of socialism right now and I’m just nervous that we have too many people that will take advantage of it.


          • I think I’ll do a post in the near future on the concept of people taking advantage of our social system. I’ve got to go back and do more recent research on it. But the number of people who are gaming the system is relatively low. And the amount we actually spend on social services isn’t nearly what we might imagine. That doesn’t mean we can’t improve it. But anytime a benefit is offered there runs the chance that some portion of people will take advantage of it. Does that mean you don’t help the people who aren’t just because some people have figured out a way to manipulate it? I just don’t think so.


          • We have a large percentage of people that are generations of social services and I feel that’s unacceptable. I support programs that help people get back on their feet, not to support them for generations.

            I have family members that are foster parents. They will receive a child, then a year later, get a sibling. This isn’t one story, there are so many. Some women are learning disabled and where I think we should help them survive, I don’t believe they should keep having kids that go into the system.

            My kids went to school with a family that kept having kids, just wouldn’t stop. Finally the state took the children. Women will have kids because they get more money. Women will want their kids diagnosed with ADD because they get more money. The system is broken and needs to be fixed!!

            And I know there is corporate welfare. There isn’t as much outrage because we don’t see it on a daily basis, but these need to go or they need to be cleaned up.


  10. One could spend each day criticizing Trump and do nothing else. I have nothing total agreement with you hear. Trump is at best a more hateful Romney…completely out of touch with 90% of the people in this country if not more. To be honest it’s not clear he’s even very self-aware.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It was quite amusing watching him take credit for the prisoners who were released from Iraq yesterday. How does he carry that head around? Damn, it’s got to way a ton!

      Anyway, I think I picked too polarizing a figure to draw the analogy I was going for. Trump is too distracting. 😉

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