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"Gospels as Histories" iTunes U discussion

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Upcoming Discussion on “Gospels as Histories”

DagoodS will be creating a post to provide a forum for discussion on the first lecture from the iTunes University class “Gospels as Histories.” While posting at LikeAChild’s blog, DagoodS, D’Ma, and I thought it would be interesting to listen to some of the same lectures regarding historical influences on Christianity and then discuss them together. I encourage anyone who’s interested to download the lecture and then stop by DagoodS blog. The post will likely be up on Monday. The lectures are FREE and quite well done.

*I lifted this from DoOrDoNot.  I thought maybe some of you might be interested as well. The first post is already up at Thoughts From a Sandwich.  HeIsSailing is also participating and has his own review up on his blog. The four of us have posted our reviews to the first lecture over at DagoodS on his post.

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