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Beware the Dilating Pupils


Students of the Woo – they’re normal.

I really don’t even know what to say about this.  You can read the article in it’s entirety here.

I did think of something to say. Because the more I think about this the angrier I get.  This post isn’t an effort to make fun of someone’s beliefs.  This kind of thing makes me angry.  I don’t see the difference between these so-called exorcisms and this.  It’s emotionally manipulative and dangerous.  I can only imagine that it’s keeping people who need honest medical attention  for either physical or mental reasons from getting the help they need.  It’s irresponsible.

I’m sure that it has never occurred to this girl has been around it and immersed in it since she was born that it’s akin to any other kind of witchcraft or sorcery whereby spells are cast and potions and elixirs are applied.  The only difference is whose name is called on to cast the spell.  I’m with Anderson Cooper on this one!  Stop peddling your snake oil! ***

***Post edited to add opinions which may or may not be of value. I just could not help myself.

24 thoughts on “Beware the Dilating Pupils

  1. I had just read that article and was thinking of posting about it. How bizarre, how bizarre. That’s all I can say.


  2. I haven’t read the article but I listened to the video. Is that Rev. Larson beside them? Assuming it is. Does anyone notice how complacent he looks? Sort of like he’s zoned out?

    And the girls remind me of Joel Osteen’s wife . . . you know, that stepford look. I hate saying this but they look like triplets. They are so excited and they’ve got the rhetoric down completely. I think at their age, this can be addictive and gives their lives meaning. I’d love to hear about them and what they are doing a decade from now.

    Maybe I’ll read the article when I can stomach it. It all brings back waves of emotion for me.

    BTW, I have head pain just about everyday of my life. Better check my pupils. 😯


    • Yes, that is coachRev. Larson.

      You really haven’t missed out on anything if you never get around to reading the article. It only elaborates a bit further on the video. It’s sickening. These perky, cute teenage girls regurgitating their rehearsed excitement for demon busting. It reminded me of an episode of some goofy cartoon where they all touch their rings together and shout some catch phrase like “Jesus power” then run off to save the world from evil. Except it isn’t a cartoon. It’s apparently very real.


  3. Casting out demons? If i had lived in the Dark Ages I don’t think I could have kept a straight face. I find it easier to believe in Bigfoot. “I can’t go to the movies with you on Friday, Jimmy. I have to perform an exorcism.”


  4. My pupils are naturally dilated. To make them normal all I have to do is put on contact lenses. I’ll stick with the contacts.

    I have seen people’s pupils dilate so much it looked like their eyes turned black. One of these persons fell on top of me. I was told it was a demon manifestation. I wondered then but more so now if it was a heart attack.


  5. btw- I have a slight astigmatism but another reason people’s eyes dilate is a natural reaction to pleasure. Look at something beautiful and/or someone you love and your eyes will naturally dilate. I wonder how many of these people’s eyes are dilating just because they care about these girls or see how pretty they are. Or reacting to lighting changes like flickering candles.


  6. Ugh. THIS is what superstition can do to people. Assuming that someone with large pupils, or someone who is questioning their faith is automatically demon-possessed is ridiculous.

    I’m with Zoe on the girls’ demeanor. They all look and sound so rehearsed. I hope they question this kind of dangerous nonsense as they age.


    • I hope so too! Maybe after a few failed exorcisms they might rethink things. I doubt it, though. It will just be assumed that more demons came in and took possession. Funny thing is, I was taught a believer could not be possessed. The Holy Spirit supposedly possessed the believer and demons weren’t allowed. I guess they’d just assume the belief didn’t “take”.


  7. This kind of made me angry. They are so chipper and coached and are truly convinced that they can see all the signs of a demonic possession.

    All I can say is ugh!


  8. Reblogged this on The Agnostics Wife's Blog and commented:
    Watch those pupils people!


  9. What agnosticwife said: my read is that they are sooooo coached, don’t believe anything they’re saying, and don’t think there’s any real evil going on. Could be wrong, but that’s my read of their stage performance.


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  11. I’ll have you know that you all on this discussion were ahead of your time. You began upon the path of truth by discovering that this was an act. But what’s more, is that Hollywood is the pre-stage, to the world’s a stage. And it just so happens that those pulling the strings (Rich Elitists) have been planning, directing, and staging situations on the worlds stage in order to guide the world to their tune. They are the same creators of the U.S.E.S. (United State of Embraced Slavery) – a system the entire world has embraced, that bases a persons work value and self value upon how much “root of all evil” (money) they can manage to collect. A system whereby 99% of us will end up working 8-10 hours a day, 5-7 days a week, only to retire at 65 and then die at 80 poor and in debt. This slave system is so intelligently articulate that it not only has the slave volunteer themselves, but it transcends race and religion! It doesn’t matter what you believe or what color you are or background you have, you not only volunteer yourself to this complete enslavement, but you and everyone continue to come running for more. Such a system is so brilliant me thinks this is not a creation by way of the human alone. noooo, this system had help, help from a certain divination source that always ends up seeming to be very wrong to us. Us, being the hearts, minds and souls, of all good people.

    This same source seems to own Hollywood, and subsequently the main stream media. Their operations format is essentially, “In with the stage, out with the show”. Then repeat the programming x1000. For you see, if you introduce change very slowly to the peoples of the world, and you keep replaying the programming over and over to them, eventually they will come to believe it. Evils’ strongest powers are cloaked but they are right in front of you. However, when you see them for what they truly are when they are right in front of you, the evil loses all of its powers. They call it (TV) “Programming” for a reason folks; television programming programs direction into people.

    Needless to say, this same source may have very well maliciously crafted and emplaced the book of revelations into the bible, for it is this same sources agenda to have assisted in growing the worlds population for the sheer reason of soul harvesting. What I am trying to tell you is that all the darkness and violence prophesized in Revelations won’t happen if all good people begin to empower themselves with their personal free will of “CHOICE”, and each of us begins to make EVERY choice we make in line with goodness, we may choose to avoid all the dark despair, loss and death. The phoenix does not have to rise from the ashes, rather the phoenix must simply, and collectively, choose to rise to higher levels of goodness.

    We stand before the 1000 years of peace Christ most notably spoke about. And we WILL get there regardless of what all humans choose. I just wonder, will we get there with 8 billion +, or just 2?

    Every generation before ours thought they were the ones. I’m here to tell you that we are, the ones we have been waiting for.

    Love, Light and Power,



  12. I woke up today after having a dream about my daughter’s. After i woke up I looked in the mirror, as I frequently do. My pupils we’re dilated. The only feeling I had was happiness and thanking God. I believe the eyes reveal a lot. They change a lot also. Who’s to say as much as demons can posses…so can greater good forces , including God and other stronger good spirits. Bad is not the only thing in the supernatural worlds…with the dark, comes the light…and vice versa. LikevYing and yang…. There is a balance in us all ❤ we have to think and feel for ourselves to keep a balance I believe…weaker minds throw out their thinking potential by focusing on these things being a negative or "evil" force. I think anything is possible…I do agree that the eyes indicate a change in someone …. But not just for something bad.


  13. One word: Indoctrination.


  14. I Googled _why are Joel Osteen’s pupils always dilated” Why did I land here?? /his eyes look crazy lately. Anybody know why?


    • Ha! I have no idea why you landed here, except that I get a lot of people landing here searching for dilated pupils and demon possession. *shrug*

      I hadn’t noticed because I’m a)not a Joel Osteen fan and b)haven’t looked at him lately. But if I had to guess I might suggest a prescription opiate might be at the root of the crazy eyes. Obviously, I have no real idea, but opiates are a pretty common reason for dilated pupils.


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