Out From Under the Umbrella

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One-Sided: My Relationship With a Severe Narcissist

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Narcissism is a very ‘searched’ topic. I get a number of visits to this post each day from web searches for the term ‘narcissism’, or ‘one-sided relationships’, or ‘drained by a narcissist’. I’m going to reblog this series over the next few days while I work on some new material.

Out From Under the Umbrella

In the book “The Wizard of Oz and Other Narcissists” there is a list of questions to help you find out if you are in relationship with a Narcissist:

1. Do you frequently feel as if you exist to admire his or her special talents and sensitivities?

2. Do you frequently feel hurt or annoyed that you do not get your turn and, if you do, the interest and quality of attention is significantly less than the attention you give?

3. Do you sense an intense degree of pride in this person or feel reluctant to offer your opinions when you know they will differ from his or hers?

4. Do you often feel that the quality of your whole interaction will depend upon the kind of mood he or she is in?

5. Do you feel controlled by this person?

6. Are you afraid of upsetting him or her…

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