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playing in the rain

The Days of the Week in Music – Friday


A little something for everyone here.

It’s finally Friday…

Let’s live it up…

Thank Gelos it’s Friday!

And a little Steely Dan for your listening pleasure…

Have a great Friday!


9 thoughts on “The Days of the Week in Music – Friday

  1. The last one is sublime, of course. Steely Dan, one of my favorite bands!


    • Yeah, I think there’s a little something for everyone in those, but Black Friday is pretty awesome.


      • Bit of nonsense for you….
        I once built an electric guitar – Flying V copy – when I was 17? from broken bits and bobs I had and swapped it with the roadie, Keith, of the garage band I was in for two Steely Dan LP’s , , Can’t buy a thrill and Countdown to Ecstasy .
        I have been an ardent fan ever since.

        Ah…history. LOL…


        • See…it is fun to trip down memory lane sometimes. Ah…nostalgia. 🙂


          • One has to have one;s wits though as there is always a danger of being mugged down Memory Lane.

            I am distracted. I have a pair of Sunbirds who are flitting on and off a patch of Aloes making a perishing racket because two bulbuls that are are sitting in the wild plum tree by my office.
            They are so funny!


          • TheBrit put up some bird feeders. We have black birds, Blue Jays, Cardinals, etc.

            I noticed this morning Scamper and Stumpy lying in wait beneath one the feeders. Yikes!

            And yes, birds are funny!


  2. Oh, I just LOVE your music choices Ruth. Now if you want Ark to go into some crazy fit, you must post something of Cliff Richard. hahahahaha
    Thanks for sharing. 😀


    • I love all kinds of music, but there are certain genres that just resonate more with me. Especially the 70’s. Thanks for listening along! 😀


      • Same here and yep, I love oldies. We had what they called “Springbok Hits’ here and I still have all those old vinyl records. Sometimes when I am in a ‘mood’, I put them on player and listen to them. 😀


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