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Random Disappearances


randomSo there are a handful(I think) of blogs that I used to follow that just randomly disappeared from my “Blogs I Follow” list. I don’t know when this happened, why it happened, or how.

I don’t understand.  Is this a joke I just didn’t get?  Natural selection? Are any of you having this same issue?

Anywho, I just re-followed a couple that I recognized were gone.

Also, when did the “New Post” module change?  I know I haven’t been posting much lately, but sheesh…

*Edit:  My “a” seems to be disappearing as well.  The first title to this post was Random Disappearnces.

39 thoughts on “Random Disappearances

  1. Same thing has happened to me upon occasion. I think it has something to do with sunspots.


  2. That’s really weird. It’s never happened to me before, but I hope someone else will have more information for you!


  3. I stopped getting email notifications a few weeks ago, only to find out that i’d somehow ordered gmail to send everything from WP to the spam bin. Have no idea how i did that.

    As for the disappearing “a’s”, I believe they go to the same place odd socks go to; a land of upside trees and milk rain, where the inhabitants curse in ancient languages.


  4. Ruth, you’re not the only one who’s complained about people you once followed no longer showing up in your reader, and/or showing that you no longer follow them. This recently happened to RoughSeas (Kate). It’s happened to me, too. Another thing I’ve notice — people who’ve been following me and comment regularly, on occasion, their comments get sent to moderation for approval. I have it set to default to keep the spammers out, which WP has been recently bad about not catching. It’s suppose to be that once someone is approved, they no longer need moderation. But it’s happening more frequently with my regulars. As far as the new post module goes — you can still access the older version via your dashboard.


    • Thanks, Victoria!

      I did see the new post option in the dashboard after I posted this. I’ll probably use that. I’m old school. That’s just how I roll. 😉 I don’t have any moderation going on. I don’t even usually have to approve first comments, but sometimes they still get trapped in moderation for some strange reason. I assumed it had something to do with an email address or some such.


  5. And a quick note to add to my last comment — these were regulars who didn’t leave links in their comments. So being sent to moderation had nothing to do with multiple links.


  6. Must be Matt messing up something again. 😆 It happened to me a few times. Looks like you are not alone in this Ruth. Have a lovely day hon. 😀 ♥ Hugs ♥


    • I think I’ve re-followd the ones that were missing, but I”m not certain of that. It does seem to be an issue with WP. Maybe it happened when they upgraded? *shrug*

      *hugs* back at you, Sonel.


  7. I was away from WP for a year but when I cam back all was fine. Sorry. But I hope this means that it should be a RANDOM occurrence and will not happen again.


    • You are the winner. You’re the only one who used RANDOM in a sentence. And you did it correctly.

      The prize? Where do I ship the pocket lint?


      • Defffffffffffffffinitely Oklahoma:)


        • Is this one of those things like the IRS? You’re so well known that you don’t even need a street address?

          Hayden Linder
          Oklahoma City, OK

          It’ll get there!


          • Sure it will. Although it does remind me of a story.

            Apparently there is a Town in Texas that makes a legitimately good fruitcake. Apparently that have recieved orders and mail form other countries that were just addressed to “Fruitcake Texas.”
            I wish I could remember the name of the town, but apparently you don’t need it.:)


  8. I wondered a bit coz I saw you followed me yesterday. Maybe some guy is eating your blogs list


    • Perhaps there is a little guy in my computer eating my blog list. There were a few blogs that I suddenly realized were missing – among them, yours. I don’t know what happened, but I realized it when I had to follow a link from Confessions of a (former)YEC to a post you did. Weird.


  9. http://en.support.wordpress.com/widgets/blogs-i-follow-widget/

    We can only follow a maximum of 50 and I believe if they don’t have a Blavatar they might not show up on your list. Chances are if you are following more than 50 the first blogs you ever followed fell off the list as they were near the bottom of the list. Each new blog you follow is listed at the top. Maybe that’s what’s going on?


    • Maybe. My blog theme only allows for 50 to show in that sidebar thingy. The blogs I’m missing disappeared from my reader, which to my knowledge isn’t limited to 50 as I’ve had no problem seeing everyone’s posts there. To be honest, I don’t pay a lot of attention to the widget in the sidebar. But even so, even if would only show 50, it doesn’t seem that when I go to the individual’s blog, where in the bar at the top it says if you’re following or not, that I would suddenly need to follow again blogs that I’ve previously followed.

      Maybe nothing I just said makes any sense. But I’ve refollowed some. I just have no way of knowing which ones got de-followed for me. o_O


      • I only have one blog showing up in my reader. Guess who’s it is? Post after post after post. Scroll down . . . it’s all Ruth! That is weird. It should show the others too.

        I don’t follow as many as you and when I closed the blog I did de-follow some blogs but the others are still showing up in my Blogs I Follow list.

        Maybe the WordPress forums have some info.?


        • I only have one blog showing up in my reader. Guess who’s it is? Post after post after post. Scroll down . . . it’s all Ruth!

          Oh, you poor soul!

          I’m thinking it probably happened in the upgrade. Not sure though. I might check out WP forums to see if there’s anything there.


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