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Another Day Older


DSCF1288I woke up yesterday morning and made the sleepy descent from my bed to the living room where I found this lovely vase with those strangely died mums(?) on the kitchen counter and a card propped up next to it.  TheBrit can be so sappy.  I love that man.  I would’ve taken a picture of them there, on the counter, but…well…I live in my house.

I added a number to the times I’m holding onto thirty-nine.  I’m not saying how many numbers I’ve added.  It doesn’t really bother me, though.  When we were out to a fabulous dinner with friends and family last night one of them asked if this made thirty-seven. Ha!  Somewhere slightly north of there.

My brother-in-law, who knows very well many this makes, told my six-year-old nephew to ask me.  As if that were a dig.  I proudly announced how many this makes.  Bring ’em on, I say!  Bring ’em on!  If I stop having them it’s gonna mean I had a really bad day.  Really.Bad. So keep ’em comin’!

I’ve really had a month-long celebration.  ‘Cause that’s just how I roll! Seriously, TheBrit had a fantastic idea for a birthday present.  I couldn’t be happier with what I got.  So we went together to pick it out.



Give me food because I’m cute!


Meet Miss Sara.  We went to the local animal shelter to find her. She was listed as a Boxer/Beagle mix and was only a few days away from her limit at the shelter.  Isn’t she the cutest thing?  And she’s the perfect companion to Dottie.


I haven’t had my coffee yet – don’t eff with me!

Dottie had been with other dogs, best as I can tell, her whole life.  Her foster family had other dogs and she missed having a companion.  She was kind of sad.  So I had to get a dog for my…dog.  Having another dog around has helped Dottie to come out of her shell some, too.  It’s obvious her first owner either abused her or allowed her to be abused.  She’s still a tiny bit skittish if we walk directly toward her head-on, but other than that she’s golden.  Dottie has mellowed out so much and I don’t think she’s done.  She loves TheBrit to pieces now, which we were unsure about her coming around to.  She got a bit jealous of the new girl and decided to join in on the lovefest! 🙂

Happy Birthday to me!  Four legged friends make me happy.

I can’t leave you without a song, though.  Here’s my birthday theme song for this year:




32 thoughts on “Another Day Older

  1. I’m on my way out the door to take a grandchild out for lunch but (of course!) couldn’t resist listening to Tennessee Ernie – good song! (and BEST era!) I’m glad you had a good birthday celebration, Ruth, and I’m in agreement – what’s this ONE DAY business?

    Sweet little doggie, too! Glad you found a good ‘mate’. .. 🙂


  2. Happy Birthday, and hello Sara! She’s a stunner 🙂


    • She’s a beauty, isn’t she? We’re taking your advice and filling our house with dogs! Though I don’t think I need anything else at my house that pees or poops for a while. 🙂


  3. Happy Birthday Ruth!:)


  4. Very best wishes Ruth. Love Ernie Ford’s voice. Sadly, he, like Elvis, made mucho dinero singing hyms and such also. (We don’t have to sing ‘gravity always works’, do we?).


    • Thanks, exrelayman!

      I’ll listen to the ones I like and skip the ones I don’t. Of Ernie and Elvis.

      (We don’t have to sing ‘gravity always works’, do we?).

      That reminds me of those weird ‘mother earth’ hymns they sang at a UU Church I attempted to attend. That was just…strange.


  5. Happy Birthday Ruth!


  6. since you have been celebrating for a month, one can’t be late with his wishes.
    Happy birthday dear friend


  7. Happy, Happy Birthday. Miss Sara is a cutie and one lucky girl.


  8. Ahhhhh, birthdays. So much more fun when you’re younger. Nevertheless, hope yours brings fun, food, and laughter.


    • I did, indeed, eat too much, laugh even more, and had a very nice time at dinner. I don’t think my birthdays were more fun when I was younger. They seem to be getting better for me. I’m sure that will come to a screeching halt at some point but I plan to enjoy it while I can!.


  9. (((Hugs))) all around for you and your birthday and TheBrit and those 4-legged critters. 🙂


  10. Happy Birthday Ruth! What an awesome present, and very cool tune.


  11. Happy birthday. I think rescuing Miss Sara was a brilliant idea.:)


  12. Watch those ((( )))’s Zoe and Ruth – you’ll be getting arch’s admonishment. . . 🙂


  13. Belated HP beday.

    As my late grandfather used to reply to any question about his age: ‘As old as my tongue and a little older than my teeth.

    Woof! What a cracking pressie!


  14. Happy Birthday Ruth and I can see you had the best birthday ever! What a cutie and the best present ever! She is going to be so happy! I love the photo of Dottie. hahahaha. What a treat she must be! Adorable! 😀


  15. Your Dottie looks almost exactly like my dog, Shelby! I mean they could be sisters!

    Mie has the same exact build and coloring, she has more dots and fluffier hair. The Humane Society lister her as a collie mix…but I scoffed at that idea. We did one of those dog DNA tests and she came back as mostly mixed breed, but the strongest breeds they could identify were a British Staffordshire bull terrier, boxer and labrador…hence her fluffiness.

    The bull terrier was the strongest part..and you can see it in her muscular neck and chest . She is a total clown and loves people.

    I wish I could post a photo of you.


  16. Belateds. I was off line. We always have extended birth celebrations due to our dates being next to each other. Sometimes a birthweek,sometimes a birthweekend, not managed a month though.

    I had a friend who hung onto 39 for years. I found 40 hell. I’ll try and remember to give you the link about it.

    Dottie looks so like Snowy in that pic 🙂

    It wasn’t your present, you were the best present for Miss Sara ever. Nice one by you and the Brit.


    • I think 50 might be a bit rough for me…I guess we’ll see. I have some more years before I need to worry about that one. 🙂

      Miss Sara sure is a bright spot. She’s just sooo lovable. Even Dottie things so. She doesn’t like to play quite as rough as Dottie would like, but it could just be she hasn’t been feeling well. She developed a bit of kennel cough and I had to take her to the vet the other day for it. When we got back home Dottie was so cute, giving her hugs and welcoming her home. 🙂


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