Out From Under the Umbrella

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Southern Pride and Heritage…A Euphemism

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In the wake of the frenzy surrounding the Charleston shootings and subsequent debate surrounding the Confederate Battle Flag I am reblogging this essay I wrote a while back concerning southern pride. I stand by what I wrote then and will have an original follow-up coming soon.

Out From Under the Umbrella

Despite some of the things I’ve written here about the religious zealotry that happens in the U.S.A. and about the state of our welfare system I’d say that this is a pretty great place to live.  In fact, it may be some of the things that led this country down that path that I love.

This really is a land of opportunity for anyone who knows how to best take advantage of them.  Even those “trapped” within the welfare system can, given the right circumstances, get out of the “trap” if they want to. The key is having enough experiences outside their cultural norm to see that they want to.  If that’s the only life a person has ever known anything else is foreign to them.  It’s for other people.  It’s not just being told you can’t do something else, something more; it’s never having been told that you can…

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One thought on “Southern Pride and Heritage…A Euphemism

  1. Very clear minded post. I agree with you.


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