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In Defense of the Indefensible



I’ve made it no secret that I do not support Donald Trump.  I don’t think he’s the savior that his supporters obviously do.  Perhaps I’ve missed something, but I just don’t see it.

What I do see is an opportunist.  Here’s the thing:  I don’t think he “created this toxic environment” in America.  No, it was already here.  The disdain with which people who are fortunate enough to have jobs view those who receive government assistance is at an all time high.  The superiority that many whites feel toward people who are browner than they are is at an all time high.

Many of these whites want the world and the rest of America to believe that this disdain is only toward those who are here illegally and those who are “too lazy to work”.  But what I see on a daily basis belies something different.  Sure, they might look down their noses at those who don’t work and who “pile their shopping carts with steaks and crab legs” while they, themselves, are forced to buy chicken and mince more than their darker counterparts who work for a living, but make no mistake, they still look down their noses at them even if to a lesser degree.

Donald Trump didn’t create this atmosphere, though he exemplifies it.  All he did was give his supporters the shot in the arm they needed to bring their baser nature out of hiding and into the light.  In this way maybe he’s done us a favor.  Instead of people making racist jokes in their inner circle they now feel free to let the whole world know just how racist they are.

You see I thought that because I live in the south and we lost the civil war we were just wallowing in the pit of sour grapes.  But now I’ve seen that this attitude pervades our entire society.

Let me make this very clear: I do not now, nor have I ever, condoned suppression of speech.  That includes those I disagree with.  I don’t agree with Donald Trump’s platform, but I also do not agree with suppression of free speech.  As I watched the madness that unfolded in Chicago last night I was appalled and dismayed.

I will now and always uphold the people’s first amendment right to freedom of peaceful assembly.  Peaceful assembly.  I will never condone mob rule.  I will never support disruption of peaceful assembly of a group I disagree with. People are responsible for their own actions and words.  While Donald Trump has contributed to the scene, he hasn’t forced anyone to do anything.  Both sides are at fault.  Violent protests are not the answer.  Make your voice heard and your protest known at the ballot box.  Get out and vote!

I guess I’m just wonder out loud here;  did Donald Trump create this atmosphere or did this atmosphere create Donald Trump?  He’s saying out loud what his supporters feel in their hearts.  He doesn’t make them feel those things and if they didn’t feel those things he would have faded into obscurity long ago.

His supporters believe that in supporting him they are “sticking it to the man”, they are shaking up the establishment, they are breaking up the Washington Cartel as Ted Cruz likes to call it.

What they seem to have forgotten is that he is partially responsible for the creation of the Washington establishment.  How many pockets has he lined to get something he wanted?  Do we not think that he is still lining pockets?  Do we not think that if he’s elected he’s not going to continue to line pockets?  Why are people so convinced that he gives one hoot in hell about the middle class? They aren’t the ones frequenting his luxury hotels and golf courses, they aren’t the ones buying his expensive clothing line made by the good people of China.

I propose that if we elect him president there won’t be much that changes.  There truly is nothing new under the sun.  The rich will continue to get richer and the poor will continue to get poorer.  It takes money to make money.  If I had a million dollar loan(though that isn’t the entire story) and inherited a real estate conglomerate I could take a lot more risks and have successful business ventures, too. I’m not begrudging that he was born into a wealthy family, just pointing out that it doesn’t hurt that he was.

Donald Trump is telling it like it is on some fronts.  On the ones where he’s not his supporters are either willing to put theirs heads in the sand or they’re really naïve enough to believe that he’s telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  They believe they’re getting someone who isn’t a Washington insider.  It shocks me that people can believe that when he so deeply entrenched in Washington.

His supporters who love him because of his bombastic rhetoric and strong arm tactics should truly be careful what they wish for.

32 thoughts on “In Defense of the Indefensible

  1. He is a product of the thing his supporters hate. They don’t see it that way, but he is one of the big takers. His vitriol and bombast only serves to rile up both sides. He showed a small sign of intelligence to cancel the Chicago appearance.

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    • I keep hearing that all this bluster is just schtick to appeal to a certain base and get elected. Even Ben Carson in his endorsement said there’s two Donald Trump’s, the one who puts on the show and a more cerebral one. But if that’s the case, how can he endorse him? His supporters are voting for the showman, not the cerebral man. What’s he going to do? Pull the old bait and switch? Won’t his supporters be pissed off about that?

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      • I don’t believe Carson knows the meaning of “cerebral” (which is ironic for a neurosurgeon). What he probably means by that is Drumpf* being able to control his rageful bombast enough to hear someone else’s words for a change. Briefly.

        He (Drumpf, not Carson) stokes vitriol and unrest because they bring a massive boost to his ratings. They also assure continuous media coverage, an essential feature (and tactic) for a reality TV candidate who only has his image to offer. There is a method to this madness, as the non-stop coverage for Drumpf means that other candidates will be neglected by necessity. Limitless exposure and crowding out the others is what this is about.

        Several people also noted that he schedules his most contentious / potentially explosive rallies (location-wise, for one) right after his TV debates, as if to erase any unfavorable opinions that people may have formed about him based on his debate performance and to garner sympathy of himself (as the “victim” of violent liberals, hostile press, and what not).

        It is malignant narcissism in its full manipulative glory. That slipperiness, with which he maneuvers the media and the public ensuring plausible deniability for himself, is part of its “charm.”

        *It sounds better in its original German.

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  2. Speaking about the Confederate States, the religious or conservative Right, and all of it contributing to federal oligarchy and authoritarian politics/legislature, I am reminded about what our 16th President warned…

    We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.”

    “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power [or too much money?].”
    —- Abraham Lincoln

    The insert is mine of course, but the two usually always go hand-in-hand. I have NO CONFIDENCE whatsoever that any of the Republican candidates would not be the ‘men who would pervert the Constitution‘!

    And should I mention all the ground and progress we’ve made the last decade willl be threatened (changed?) in human rights for non-heterosexual and non-binary marriages, or in gender equality if Don (t)Rump is elected!? 😮 😦

    I can’t remember who shared this news article with me about (t)Rump and his posture about (against?) women, but it should be seriously read and considered by ALL Republican women! Unless of course he completely reverses his posture, history, bombasity, and politics once he is elected… IF he is elected.


    Another good post Ruth!

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    • Thanks, Professor. I am seriously concerned that, while people who support Trump keep saying things like we need to move forward and stop living in the past, they aren’t listening to the words that are coming out of his mouth. I’ve come to the conclusion that this doesn’t bother Evangelicals because going back is exactly what they want. You know, when women knew their place was in the kitchen, blacks knew their place was in the field, gay people were hidden deep in the closet, and there weren’t very many Hispanics so they were of little concern.

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      • I’ve come to the conclusion that this doesn’t bother Evangelicals because going back is exactly what they want.

        Yes American Evangelicals certainly do want to return to Antiquity, or their own version of a modern Amish or Mennonite, neo-Zionist (Jewish), or neo-Kharijite (Shiia) Islam fundamentalism — they are in general indistinguishable, all of them. And since 95% of American Evangelicals-Fundamentalist DO NOT know their own religious histories, they are naturally clueless how indistinguishable they all are! Hahaha. Very sad actually. And of course (t)Rump has no frickin’ clue either what he associates with. :/

        Our nation, government, and elected officials would all be quite different I’m sure if everyone would “do their civil/historical homework”, refine their critical-thinking schools, THEN pass this quality educational skills to their descendents. But what do I know? I’m a social-outcast 75% of the time when I open my mouth. LOL 😛

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      • Did you see the recent ad — created by Republicans — that features Drumpf’s most offensive misogynist statements?

        After it was released, there was a poll among the viewers to gauge if it had any negative effect on their opinions of Drumpf. Zero negative effect. If anything, his supporters view it as another attack by the establishment, which only strengthens their devotion to him.

        This whole Drumpf affair is really grotesque. And it would be quite entertaining, if it weren’t so dangerous.


        • Maybe that’s the thing … tRump thinks it’s all a grand TV show and he’s out to increase his “ratings.” I mean, think about it. TV was his “reality” for several years. Hmmm.


          • He does think that, indeed. But not just because he intends to stop this circus show at the TV level.

            There is an absolutely chilling — but objective and level-headed — article about him in “Time” from two weeks ago (IIRC), where the journalist, embedded with him during a campaign trip, reports their conversations. Drumpf is brazenly all about ratings, so much so that it takes the reader’s breath away — he does not even care to pretend otherwise. But the stratospheric ratings are just a means to an end, the road to the White House for him. He is coldly calculating in this. Which is why, as I’ve just read, he has ditched the next debate (tomorrow?) and said he’d not participate in any more of them — he knows that if he has face a normal (ha) opponent (i.e., one who knows something about anything), he’d fail dismally. How on Earth does he think he’d square against Hillary, I wonder?

            This man is power-hungry, and his hunger is driven by spite and desire for revenge for all his past humiliations. He wants to be in the White House and then get back at all those who made fun of him throughout the years (and the ones who have not yet, but may be thinking about it).

            He has already promised to revamp libel laws, so that he can go after people saying “bad things” (= truth) about him.

            Every day brings new and staggering evidence of his flaming pathology. I, for one, am running out of “I can’t even”s.

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  3. Ruth this is a very good post and it is a question we must ask. Did trumpf make loving, peaceful, kind people hateful, racist and bigoted or did he give expression to their feelings? Gave them an opportunity to vent? Maybe, as others have said, he represents part of the national psyche. There must be a population that identifies exactly with what he is saying and unfortunately even those whose lives would be worse off if he had his way seem to support him. I think the question to ask and which you have so eloquently asked is does this represents what America is? Racist, bigoted, violent?

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    • IMO, any person who would be described as loving, peaceful, or kind would NOT be harboring feelings of racism, bigotry, or misogyny; thus my answer would be no. He is not giving expression to their feelings.

      The ones he’s giving expression to are those who DO believe in these things. He has convinced them he will crush all the nasty “undesirables” and give power to those who support him; that is, the ones who belong to the “superior” race … gender … religion.

      There is simply no other way to put it. This man is dangerous. If elected, it would not surprise me to see more incidents like Chicago, only this time they won’t be related to an election.

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      • I’m not saying that Trump doesn’t feel those things. I’m not suggesting that he isn’t racist, a bigot, or misogynist. Rather I’m suggesting that he isn’t making his supporters those things, either. They already are those things and that is precisely the reason they support him. It has little to do with the economy except that they believe that the economy fares better when white men are in control. He is dangerous. He’s given his supporters a loud voice and allowed them to come out of their dusty closet of hatred and allowed them to believe that this hatred is righteous.

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      • So I think you are agreeing that those who agree with him could be harbouring these feelings and they don’t look to me to be a small number


    • I take some consolation that over half of his own party doesn’t agree with him and the none of the other party does. So a majority of people in America do not think this represents America, itself. However, the fact that somewhere in the neighborhood of 35% to 40% of his party does think this way and do support him is enough to be quite disturbing. While I don’t think it’s a majority, it’s still a very significant number.

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  4. Donald Trump is the physical manifestation of our broken discourse. And he is its perpetuator.

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  5. Ruth, I once read a description that is anything but accurate. However, do you agree that it makes sense? I find it very illustrative on many topics: politics, organized religion, racism, drug abuse…



  6. Sorry, apparently those brackets eliminate the text between. The saying reads:

    … Everywhere in the world, situations exist or do not exist because there is a sufficient number of persons that want them to exist that way, or to not exist. A “sufficient” number is nor necessarily a mayority…. .-

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  7. Does anyone else follow Andy Borowitz on FB? I REALLY like one his most recent comment:

    When Obama leaves office, I am in favor of him taking the nuclear launch codes with him.

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  8. “Many of these whites want the world and the rest of America to believe that this disdain is only toward those who are here illegally and those who are ‘too lazy to work’.”

    Yes, too lazy to work. Uh-huh.

    Excuse me a moment, but……….


    Okay, so, when I think of someone who would traverse, *on foot*, miles and miles and miles of ditches, rivers, desert plains, and do it for not just a few hours, but over the span of 2-3 days, the last word that pops into my head is “lazy”. Are you %$#@ing kidding me? Oh, and let’s consider that when they get to their destination(*if* they make it), they seek out and hold down 2 and 3 jobs to make ends meet, and what?…. this constitutes “laziness”?? Um, nah.

    I’m sorry, but the whites that you describe above are a bunch of clueless, bigoted morons. As if we are supposed to believe that if every one of these brown, dirty, “Mexican-speaking” people became lawful citizens, that the disdain you mention for these people would be over and they’d be welcomed here with open arms. Please.

    Nope, make no mistake; if they all became legal citizens, Trump and his army of white trash rednecks would just find another reason to hate them there Mexi-cuns.

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    • Couldn’t have said it better myself. Excellent discourse, Boomslang.

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    • Well, technically those who are here illegally are a separate group from those who are two lazy to work. Both have dark skin. Those clueless, bigoted white morons you speak of associate welfare recipients with African-Americans. These would be the generational welfare recipients. They also loathe the idea that anyone here illegally might be getting any kind of government assistance, too. Technically they don’t. The only way they qualify is if they have a child here who is an American citizen(you know, an “anchor baby”). Technically it is the American citizen child who is the recipient of the benefits.

      But, no, citizen or not it makes no difference. They dare to come here and keep their culture, speak in Spanish(nevermind that America also technically doesn’t have an official language). It wouldn’t matter at all. I can remember when I was a teenager we had a Mexican-American young man at my school. He would tell everyone he was American-Indian so as not to hear that he was one of those ‘wet-backs’. I can’t imagine how that was for him. All he wanted to do was fit in. 😦


    • I was also listening to a report on NPR the other day about female Mexican immigrants. Most of them are Catholic so they don’t typically take birth control. These women traverse some treacherous conditions to cross the border on foot. They’ve started taking birth control pills before they embark on the journey because they know it’s likely they will be raped – multiple times – before crossing the border into America. Surely this should tell us something about the conditions of the place they’re leaving that they are willing to endure so much, possibly even death, for the glimmer of hope that crossing that border represents to them.


      • “[….] this should tell us something about the conditions of the place they’re leaving that they are willing to endure so much, possibly even death, for the glimmer of hope that crossing that border represents to them.”

        Yes, it does say something about the environment they are trying to leave, doesn’t it? For instance, nowadays the drug lords there are recruiting children into their drug operations, and many times these recruiters will threaten to kill the children’s siblings or parents if they don’t comply. I’ve seen news stories on the Spanish channel that show decapitated heads atop fence posts…….and check this out……it’s happened on school campuses. I guess if that doesn’t send a message, nothing will.

        But alas, there’s a certain mindset here in America that someone else’s problems are just that……someone else’s. Empathy? Empathy be damned. And yet, I’ll venture a guess that the people who harbor and live by such a mindset are the ones who can tell you with a straight face that they “follow Jesus”. You know, the guy who fed the poor and said “love your neighbor as yourself”, yadda, yadda.

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        • They are most assuredly Christians. Jesus meant turning the other cheek, selling your crap to give to the poor, and loving your neighbor for all those other Christians. Not American ones. Didn’t you know that Jesus was a capitalist?


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