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The Republican Looney Toons


It would be funny if it weren’t true, but I need to laugh about it instead of cry. It’s Super Tuesday here in the U.S.A., folks. I found some old clips of the leading Republican Candidates at their best.  Here’s a compilation:


Donald Trump seems to be set to sweep the nomination using this platform:


Marco Rubio seeks to take him down using insults:


And Ted Cruz is preparing for his big chance:


If this is the best the Republican Party has and any one of them wins I think we can all say:

6 thoughts on “The Republican Looney Toons

  1. Looks about right to me.

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  2. Hahahaha! Well done Ruth! Bravo! 😀

    Although in reality it is all NO LAUGHING MATTER in the least. 😦 It truly frightens and disturbs me to think what will become of the USA if Trump is elected president. His need to bow-up, appear inflappable, and bully people into submission will plain and simply NOT WORK against/toward nations that have traditionally been suspicious or opposed to the U.S. Increasing the testosterone levels around and against already other high testosterone levels… only leads to bar-room brawls so to speak. I’ve witnessed time and time again — it benefits no one and damages/destroys much. In our case, more human lives sacrificed for ill-founded ideologies.

    (drops head shaking in utter astonishment of events)

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    • I’m not sure that Trump even believes half of what he says, though. That’s just the thing, he’s a moving target so it’s hard to know just what the hell is going to happen. I watched Anderson Cooper’s interview with Melania Trump. In one breath she says, “He is who he is, he’s himself.” The next she says, “Oh, certainly he can change. Definitely he can change his tone.” He’s apparently a chameleon who doesn’t change colors?


  3. The Republican base, sometimes referred to as the KKK, has brought this mess on themselves. They are a dangerous bunch of clowns and cannot be allowed to take any power. Let’s see to that in November.

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  4. Oh, jono, no. You’re.just.wrong. The KKK is the military wing of the Democratic Party.


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