Out From Under the Umbrella

playing in the rain

There is Power in the Blood


Power to strike you down.

Power to exact revenge.

Power to be passive aggressive.

Power to be directly aggressive.

Power to threaten.

Nothing warms the hearts of God’s people like the hope of seeing dirty sinners get what’s coming to them.  Amen?


19 thoughts on “There is Power in the Blood

  1. Or, “It is dangerous to trust gods who mistreat people”…?

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  2. I have the POWER to send you Ruth, Back to the Past…

    …you with a funny biblical name, and feed you to lions, tigers, and bears… OH MY!!! 😉

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    • Ha! God’s got the power to make monkey’s climb out of your butt!

      I see your gif and raise you a movie clip!(This is the third time I’ve gotten to use it in the last two days!)

      Funny? Biblical? I was named after my aunt. I have no idea where they derived her name, though given my grandmother’s lack of religion I highly doubt it was the Bible. lol

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  3. Got a great example of the venom this am from altruisco or whatever his name is. I should post it as a separate post. Mmmmm good idea

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  4. I’m still here so that must prove something. Maybe life is tenacious and doesn’t want to be smitten.

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